Things That Can Hold Back A Healthy and Balanced Life

A healthy and balanced life is something we all strive for, but unfortunately there are things that can hold us back and make it difficult for us to achieve this. We wanted to look into the most common things that make healthy living hard, in order to highlight how it’s never too late to stop these harmful habits

Sitting still for too long

Many of us work in offices, sitting in front of a computer all day, just to head home and sit in front of the TV afterwards. On average, people in the UK spend over 7 hours a day sitting or lying, and this doesn’t include sleeping. Sitting for long periods is never good for our health, and has been linked to slower metabolisms, difficulty with weight loss, type 2 diabetes and even some types of cancer.

Being more active is a staple part of leading a healthy and balanced life, and this includes spending less time sitting down. Take active breaks from sitting every 30 minutes, to help reduce the risk of ill health from inactivity.

Spending too much time alone

It can be difficult to stay connected to others when times are tough, and you’re feeling down and depressed. If you happen to live far away from extended family and friends, it can make things even harder. However, practicing some self-care during dark times is something we all need to do, and one of the best ways to do this is to stay social.

Take the time to re-engage with friends or meet new people, through networks like business groups, book clubs, or volunteer work. Good relationships help manage stress levels, and can actually strengthen your immune system.  


Thinking small changes don’t matter

It’s easy to think that it would always take sweeping, radical changes in lifestyle in order to turn things around and get your health back on track. Although these big changes can be inspiring, they can also seem incredibly daunting and out of reach for most people. In truth, it’s also the little things that can have the biggest impact when in comes to changing your lifestyle for the better.

Consider one small change at a time. Start getting up a little earlier in the morning and making yourself a healthy work lunch, or do some short bursts of exercise on a regular basis, such as HIIT to boost your physical and mental health. Remember, consistency is far more crucial in the long term than some short-lived grand gesture.


Eating out and junk food temptations

Unfortunately all of us are sometimes tempted to reach for the junk food, and thanks to having a busy schedule, we’re also more likely to eat out more, simply because we don’t have time to cook. Improving on your eating habits is hard, and resisting temptation is never easy, but these factors will always hold you back in terms of having a well-balanced diet.

Having a meal prep plan in place can help, as this allows you to free-up time during the week, save money, and better control the ingredients you’re consuming. There’s always the option of healthy meal prep delivery to really make things even easier.


Feeling anxious and stressed

Anxiety and stress are different but can still lead to similar symptoms. The two can go hand in hand, because even though stress is more of a short-term experience, it can sometimes lead to the sustained mental health disorder that is anxiety. These negative feelings are more common than you think, and both can take their toll on your body and may actually shorten your life.

Taking the time to practice ‘mindfulness’ can really help when it comes to alleviating these feelings. Try meditating for a few minutes, breathing deeply, relaxing and focusing on the present. You could go for a walk or a jog, write something or learn to play a musical instrument. Whatever you choose to do, these mindful tasks can help you to start being kinder to yourself, and give your body and mind a mini-holiday from anxiety and tension.

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