Some Self-Care Tips to Help You Through The Bad Times

Every single one of us at some point goes through tough and stressful times. Where things weigh heavily on our hearts, and we let ourselves get taken over by toxic feelings. It’s often difficult to get yourself out of a downward spiral, and let’s face it, we are all guilty of sticking to bad habits and doing things that make us anxious, often to the point of paralysis.

Sometimes you need to put your physical and mental wellbeing first. This is why practicing self-care techniques is absolutely essential, to make sure you’re positivity shines through, even when everything around you seems negative.


Prioritise the basics

Are you sleeping enough? Eating healthily? Getting regular exercise?

Sometimes we’re so wrapped up in work life, home life, and other daily distractions that we forget the fundamentals of making sure our physical needs are met. Whether you’re feeling a little negative or suffering from something more serious such as debilitating stress, we can forget that compromising the basics, means we are compromising our mental and physical wellness.

Make sure that you breathe deeply, get enough sleep, steer clear of junk food, practice healthy meal prep and engage in regular exercise. This can work wonders for combating any internal chaos. Nourishing yourself from the inside will give you more strength to tackle any larger emotional problems.


Make time to meditate

When it comes to self-care, being more mindful is critical for when you want to be consistently be more calm and centred during the day.

Practicing mindfulness typically involves entering a meditative state, which allows your mind to focus on the here-and-now by controlling your breathing. This will help you to focus and realise that you are not your thoughts. It allows you to observe yourself without being critical, and learn how to be more compassionate with yourself.

There are various ways that you can ‘meditate’ and focus on your thoughts and feelings in the present without actually sitting cross-legged on the floor and closing your eyes. When anxiety and stress get too much, consider simply taking a walk somewhere peaceful, or even doing something creative like writing or cooking.


Keep a curfew on negativity

Of course it helps to stay well informed, whether you catch up with what people are up to on social media, or you keep up to date with the latest news. But it can be tiring, reading negative statuses or listening to dreary news stories.

It’s important to strike the right balance between keeping yourself up to date, and shutting yourself off from it all when you need to. Even if that means “unfollowing” those negative voices online, or reducing the amount of time you spend keeping up with the headlines. Giving yourself a cut off point from any negativity is essential for preserving your own sanity, never mind your physical wellbeing.


Try something new or take a trip

Why not take up a new hobby? Whether it’s joining a gym, trying out a new high-intensity workout, or taking a class in something. Anything that you enjoy doing can help take your mind away from the stresses of the regular routine. Changing things up with new experiences keeps things exciting, dusts off the cobwebs and exercises your brain. Ideal for maintaining your overall health.

It doesn’t always have to be something brand new, you could always take a nostalgic trip somewhere. Go back to that little place you loved as a child, head to the nearby zoo or museum you haven’t visited in years. Try out the local fairs, have a go at some scenic hiking trails. Whatever it is, it’s important to get away from it all every now and again, so that you can rest up and refuel.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. But by practicing self-care instead of staying silent, sitting still and wishing bad thoughts away, you will soon remind yourself of who you are. That you deserve the dignity of being kind to yourself, being healthy, being stronger, and knowing that you are worth for more than your negative thoughts suggest.

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