At Prep Perfect, we believe that losing weight isn’t about guilt, restrictions or fad diets, or being a slave to the scales. Instead, it’s about understanding which foods provide you with the nutrition need to be healthy, which also supporting your weight loss goals.

Our weight loss meal plan has been designed to help you reach your goals without the stress of knowing what food to buy and cook. Each low calorie meal we deliver is nutritionally balanced, satisfying, high protein and packed full of flavour. Each month we craft new tasty recipes to help you lose weight and never leave you bored or wondering what to eat! And you can forget about counting points and calories – we do the numbers for you, and simply deliver healthy, low fat, meals directly to your door.

We also strongly believe that nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring, which is why our meals are prepared by expert chefs who know healthy food should look and taste fantastic. A regularly-changing menu and countless options of delicious meals means that eating a low-calorie diet will never leave you feeling bored or hungry.

Choose between our 5, 7, or 28 day meal plans above, or browse our individual meals here.



Meal prep is a great way to kick-start your weight loss diet. By cutting out the need to plan, shop for, and cook meals, you are far less likely to fall into a trap of eating unhealthily. Having convenient, nutritionally-balanced food readily available stops you reaching for the snacks or high-calorie options. Plus, if you choose the right meal prep service you also won’t feel as if you’re on a diet (because everyone knows that diets are very hard to stick to!)

Our specifically-tailored weight loss plans have been designed to create a calorie deficit that will help you achieve weight loss and diet goals. Find out today how meal prep can support weight loss and lead to a happier, healthier you.