Celebrate National BBQ Week with the UK’s premium online butcher

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Surely a sign that summer is finally here- it’s National BBQ Week! From the 4th – 10th July, restaurants, pubs and homes throughout the UK will all be encouraged to fire up the grill, filling the air with that unmistakable smell of summer.

Here at Prep Perfect we never need an excuse to grill some delicious meat: that’s why we have our very own online butchery service full of protein-packed meats for BBQ season and beyond. We provide only the most nutritious and high-quality meats, including chicken, beef, turkey and salmon, to help you lead a healthier, happier and more balanced life this summer.

Enjoy BBQ season with Prep Perfect

The British BBQ has come a long way since the days of burnt burgers and undercooked sausages. With everyone from celebrity chefs to your next door neighbour embracing al fresco cooking, there’s now no end of recipes to tempt you to try out your culinary skills this National BBQ Week.

Although we all love a BBQ burger, there’s actually very little that can’t be cooked on a BBQ, so this year it might be time to branch out a little! Luckily, whatever you fancy trying, Prep Perfect’s online butchery service has you covered.

Why not raise the bar a bit this year and impress your friends with some sizzling steaks? We’ve got delicious sirloin and rump steaks which are always farm fresh and packed full of protein, and that true flame-grilled flavour is sure to go down a treat. Or for something totally different, how about a BBQ-ed mixed grill? Our Mixed Grill pack is ideal for creating this British pub classic with a BBQ twist: the combination of rump steak, gammon, sausage, chicken breast and a tasty pork joint makes for the perfect for a protein-packed feast. And why not griddle up some mushrooms and tomatoes while you’re at it? Top it all off with a handful of watercress and you’re sure to impress your guests.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true BBQ without some classic burgers and sausages, which is why we have a specific BBQ Pack which is ideal for summer. In it you’ll find Chicken Breasts, Beef Burgers, Beef Steaks, Minted Lamb Steaks, Pork Sausages and Chinese Pork Steaks. Now that really would be a BBQ to remember! As always, Prep Perfect will do the hard work for you: no need to shop- just order your pack online and wait for your fresh meats to arrive direct to your door, all perfectly-prepped and ready to throw on the BBQ.

Prep Perfect Butchery

At Prep Perfect, we’re famous for our meal prep delivery service, specialising in weight loss, muscle gain, low carb, and maintenance meal options.

However, did you know that we’re also the UK’s premier online butcher? Whether you’re looking for lean meat packages to help you with your weight loss, you want to buy your meat in bulk, or you just like the idea of having steaks delivered to your home, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Prep Perfect Butchery. We provide only the most nutritious and high quality meats, including chicken, beef, turkey and salmon to help you lead a healthier, happier and more balanced life.

Your fresh meat box delivery arrives in temperature control packaging, so if you’re not in when we deliver it, your order will stay chilled until you get home. We are your go-to destination for delicious butcher quality meats, delivered directly to your door.

Now you’ve got all the meat you need: all we need is for the Great British Weather to play ball and send us some sunshine this National BBQ Week!