7 Reasons Meal Prep Delivery Is Worth It

Reasons meal prep is worth it

You get up for work in the morning and start your usual morning routine. You make it downstairs and open the fridge and think “I’ve forgotten to make myself lunch” You then begin to check every inch of your fridge and kitchen cupboards to try and find something that may make up some form of healthy lunch. In the panic of having to find lunch, you’ve now also got no time to make breakfast. So off you go to work with a rumbling stomach, scratching your head about where you can grab something quick to stop the hunger pangs. No such luck, so you end up at the local cafe buying a bacon sandwich or pastry. 

Or similarly, you get home from work after a long day of working hard, only to realise you’ve forgotten to buy ingredients for the meal you wanted to make and now you’re too tired to leave the house again. You sit down on the sofa and open your favourite food delivery app and in 2 clicks a takeaway is on the way, when you’re supposed to be saving money – Do either of these scenarios sound familiar?

If so, let us explain to you 7 reasons why meal prep delivery services such as those we provide here at Prep Perfect, just might be the perfect solution for you. 


Gone are the mornings where you panic because you haven’t made yourself lunch. Meal prep delivery is the ultimate form of convenience. One of the greatest benefits of a meal prep service is how quick and easy the process is. All you have to do is pick your meals and they are delivered straight to your door. You can even use a subscription service to make everything that little bit easier. Now all you have to do is open your fridge and choose which meal you fancy today – easy! 

A money saver 

Eating on a meal plan enables you to have a routine. This means you are less likely to buy yourself food when you’re on the go, because you know you have a meal prep meal to eat. It also means that you are less likely to be running to the supermarket every day for things to make up a recipe with – because you already have your meals sitting in the fridge waiting for you. For anyone who eats on the go, meal prep delivery is a great way to transform your habits. It also allows you to track how much you spend, and will be spending extra on food. The solid price every month will help you budget more effectively.

Helps achieve a more balanced diet 

Achieving a balanced diet can be tricky business, especially with a busy schedule. Understanding nutrition and what your body needs can be confusing, which is why a meal prep service can be so beneficial. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or simply just want to fuel your body with nutritiously balanced meals – all our meals come packaged with the macros all worked out and listed for you, so you know exactly what your body is getting. 

More variety 

As humans, we are creatures of habit and tend to get stuck in our ways when we know what we like. This can result in a lack of food variety, which can sometimes lead to a restricted diet, where you are not getting enough key nutrients that your body needs. Also, it can lead to food boredom. How many of you have tried to eat healthy and only ate chicken and rice for a week, only to get bored and run to the shops for something more ‘exciting’? The problem here is that the more ‘exciting’ option is usually unhealthy in comparison. 

Can help get the most out of your free time

The amount of free time we have (or lack of) is often the excuse many people use for not living a healthier lifestyle. Often we choose to prioritise things such as hobbies or relaxing over putting our time into getting into shape, or focusing on our health goals. 

Yes, our hobbies and downtime are extremely important, and cooking nutritious meals or prepping your meals for the week yourself can take up a lot of this valuable time. This is where meal prep delivery can be beneficial. Use your free time how you wish, and let us bring your meals to you. 

It could contribute to your fitness goals 

Losing weight or gaining muscle can be difficult when it comes to understanding what to eat. Using a meal prep service for fitness goals gives you a better chance of tailoring your meals to fit your goals. For example, a weight loss plan can kickstart your journey to lose those lbs, or a weight gain plan can help you gain that muscle mass you’ve been training so hard for. These plans are structured with key macros and nutrients needed to reach those specific targets and help you on your way to reaching those goals. 

Reduce food waste and help the environment

In the UK, we throw away around 9.5 million tonnes of food waste in a year. The majority of food waste ends up in a landfill site, which is already very overcrowded. It has been found that 21% of food waste results from consumers who buy more than they need. Getting your meal prep delivered means not having to buy more than you need, meaning that less food gets wasted at the end of the week.

It is worth it 

These are just some of the benefits to gain from ordering from a meal-prep delivery service. Why not try it for yourself? Here at Prep perfect, we have a variety of different meals, meal plans, and subscription options for you to choose from.