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Storage & Heating

Do your meals arrive fresh or frozen?

All of our meals arrive fresh.


How do I store the meals and how long do they last for?

3 days refrigerated after delivery due to the ingredients being so fresh with no preservatives. Meals can also be frozen for up to 8 weeks.


Can the meals be eaten cold without re-heating?

Yes, excluding rice dishes however we’d recommend that you eat after heating.


I’m worried that my order hasn’t reached me at the right temperature?

If you have ANY doubts, do NOT attempt to consume the product and contact us immediately. We will endeavour to reply quickly but if the reply is delayed – do NOT consume the product. If goods are not fit for consumption on receipt of the delivery please contact us immediately. You must NOT consume a product that you believe in not at the right temperature (Over 8 degrees celsius – foods standard agency regulations 852/2004 amended 2006) or is not fit for consumption.