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Choose Proteins
Chicken Breast 120g (+£1.95)
Chicken Breast 200g (+£3.25)
Turkey Breast 120g (+£2.25)
Turkey Breast 200g (+£3.75)
Rump Steak 120g (+£3.75)
Rump Steak 200g (+£6.25)
Chicken Burger 120g (+£2.30)
Chicken Burger 200g (+£3.85)
Beef Burger 120g (+£2.50)
Beef Burger 200g (+£4.00)
Salmon 120g (+£3.55)
Salmon 200g (+£5.90)
White Fish 120g (+£2.55)
White Fish 200g (+£4.25)
Quorn 120g (+£2.50)
Quorn 200g (+£4.00)
Halloumi 120g (+£3.00)
Halloumi 200g (+£5.00)
Choose your seasoning
Garlic & Butter
Tikka Tandoori
Kickin' Chilli
Tangy Sweet Chilli
Sticky BBQ
Peri Peri
Jamaican Jerk
No Seasoning
Choose your carbs
Basmati Rice 100g (+£1.20)
Basmati Rice 180g (+£1.80)
Brown Rice 100g (+£1.20)
Brown Rice 180g (+£1.80)
Sweet Potato Wedges 100g (+£1.20)
Sweet Potato Wedges 180g (+£1.80)
Roasted New Potatoes 100g (+£1.20)
Roasted new potatoes 180g (+£1.80)
Sweet Potato Mash 100g (+£1.20)
Sweet Potato Mash 180g (+£1.80)
Whole-Wheat Pasta 100g (+£1.20)
Whole-Wheat Pasta 180g (+£1.80)
Penne Pasta 100g (+£1.20)
Penne Pasta 180g (+£1.80)
Egg Noodles 100g (+£1.20)
Egg Noodles 180g (+£1.80)
Cous Cous 100g (+£1.20)
Cous Cous 180g (+£1.80)
No Carbs
Choose your veg
Mixed Greens (+£1.75)
Double Mixed Greens (+£3.50)
Green Beans (+£1.75)
Double Green Beans (+£3.50)
Broccoli (+£1.75)
Double Broccoli (+£3.50)
Kale (+£1.75)
Double Kale (+£3.50)
Asparagus (+£1.75)
Double Asparagus (+£3.50)
Stir Fry Veg (+£1.75)
Double Stir Fry Veg (+£3.50)
Roasted Vegetables (+£1.75)
Double Roasted Vegetables (+£3.50)
Roasted Root Vegetables (+£1.75)
Double Roasted Root Vegetables (+£3.50)
Savoy Cabbage (+£1.75)
Double Savoy Cabbage (+£3.50)
Leeks & Peas (+£1.75)
Double Leeks & Peas (+£3.50)
No Veg
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