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How to Keep Your Healthy Eating Promises For 2021

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How you can boost your levels of serotonin hormone

Ways to lift your mood and increase your levels of serotonin at home.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, essentially a messenger that carries electrical signals between neurons in your brain. What’s special about serotonin is that it’s the key hormone that helps to stabilise your mood, along with promoting general feelings of happiness and wellbeing! It’s a powerful hormone that can affect your whole body, helping with many things such as better sleep, digestion and eating habits. An imbalance in serotonin levels can impact your mental health; contributing to mood swings, memory issues and making it harder to concentrate. Serotonin is special, there’s no denying that, which is why there are an increasing number of medications for serotonin imbalances. However, these prescriptions can vary in effectiveness from person to person and can have potential side-effects. We wanted to explore some natural ways to give your serotonin levels a boost and promote better winter wellness...

Let yourself indulge over the Christmas break for these simple reasons.

Why it’s absolutely fine to indulge a little over Christmas

The holiday season comes with it’s fair share of temptation when it comes to food! Before you know it, warnings about weight gain are like mince pies... they feel like they’re everywhere! However, you shouldn’t feel guilty about indulging yourself a little over the Christmas period, because giving yourself permission to eat a little more during this time can actually help you control your weight long-term.

Maintain your health this winter in 5 wonderful ways

5 Wonderful Ways to Keep on Top of Your Winter Wellness

Pandemic rules are likely playing havoc with keeping yourself mindful, positive and centred, especially over the Christmas and winter period. Whatever your plans are, it’s important to keep putting your wellbeing first. So, we’ve got some easy ways you can keep on top of your wellness during winter...

Foods to keep you warm during winter

The best foods to keep you feeling warmer during winter

Yep, it’s started to get pretty chilly out there. No doubt you’ve started cranking that heating up and donning your woollies to combat the cold. But don’t forget, the right foods can also make for the best winter warmers too!

Immunity boosting tips for this winter

Key ways to manage your immune health this winter

It’s understandable that many of us associate sickness with the colder, darker days of winter. Many people believe cold weather means they’ll likely catch a cold unless they wrap up warm. In reality though, research suggests that more people get sick during winter because they actually spend more time indoors, avoiding the cold. This increased time indoors, often in close contact with others is how things like the common cold get passed around more quickly. This year hasn’t exactly been easy, when it comes to not spending too much time indoors, and the lockdown has likely played havoc with many people’s immune systems. So, we wanted to bust some common misconceptions, by diving into some effective and preventative ways you can better manage your immune system during the holiday season.

Tips to maintain good mental health during Covid

Taking Care of Your Mental Health at Home

This year has certainly been an unprecedented time for everyone. The effects of Covid-19 have meant huge lifestyle changes for all of us, and even after this current lockdown ends it’s likely many of us will continue to work remotely and stay home for much longer every week. While it’s true that all of us react differently and keep positive in different ways too, we all need to take the necessary steps to look after our mental health. Especially during these incredibly different and difficult times. While having a healthy, well-balanced diet can certainly help to give your body the feels it needs to feel at it’s best, there are other things you can do to really take care of yourself mentally as well as physically.

As the cold weather approaches how can Ayurvedic practices help you stay healthy?

Could Ayurvedic Practices Help You Stay Healthy As it Gets Colder?

You may have heard of the phrase, Ayurvedic practices, and unlike many fads that are marketing to people dieting these days, this is not simply just another trend. The word itself, Ayurveda, loosely translates to “the science of life” in Sanskrit. And, according to some sources, this medical practice may have been founded thousands of years ago in India. However, we’re talking about today, and as the days start getting increasingly colder, we wanted to explore how Ayurvedic practices could help you keep on top of your health, fitness and wellbeing over winter. Ayurvedic focuses on how our human health is intricately tied to the nature of our environment. Drawing from the idea that as the seasons shift and change, so to do our bodies along with them. As we head further into winter, and the colder temperatures, rainy days and dry winds become more common, our bodies start to feel run down and ready to rest more. This means it’s even more important to bolster our bodies and immunity. We’re looking at some specific Ayurvedic practices that can help you do just that. Don’t worry, even if you are not quite versed in these practices, it’s actually likely that you’re already practicing some of them regularly. So, here’s some basic Ayurvedic practices you need to embrace in order to help keep yourself in peak conditions as the cold sets in.