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Returning To The Gym After Lockdown

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Tips to help improve your cardiovascular endurance

Improve your endurance with these techniques

If you regularly work out and lift weights but find yourself out of breath halfway through, it may be time to switch up your exercise routine and focus on building your cardiovascular endurance. Nobody likes to feel out of breath when exercising and if you enjoy working out then it can remain a barrier to hitting your fitness goals. But there are lots of ways to improve this such as circuit classes, running and even climbing the stairs in your apartment block rather than jumping in the lift. Here we outline our thoughts on how to improve your cardio.

Plant protein powders Vs. Whey protein, which is better to help achieve your fitness goals?

The rise of plant protein powder to help you achieve your fitness goals

If you are an avid gym-goer or just someone who loves to exercise, the chances are is that you will have probably used some kind of protein shake to help you recover after your workout and help you move towards achieving your fitness goals. Whey protein has long been the go-to when it comes to buying a protein shake, all the top brands sell this type of protein. But recently a new protein has started to make an appearance in recovery shakes – that of plant protein. Meat and dairy are no longer considered the only viable sources of protein. As plant-based diets grow in popularity, it is now easier and tastier to discover plant protein than ever before.

Get through your strength training plateau with these tips.

Some tips to help you get through your strength training plateau

If you train 5-6 times a week to reach your strength and fitness goals, there comes a time for us all where we struggle to keep focused and we begin to plateau. No matter how much you train, sometimes you just hit a wall and realise that nothing much is happening anymore. So here we give you some tips on how to beat that training plateau and kick-start your fitness regime all over again.

Keep fit with six body weight exercises.

Six bodyweight exercises to help hit your fitness goals

Keeping fit doesn’t mean complicated exercises and hours in the gym. Though we all love being in the gym, you don’t have to spend hours and hours on the squat rack or bench press to keep your body in shape. All you need to keep your body in tip-top condition is…your body.

Stay active throughout the day with these five foods.

High energy foods that will keep you active throughout the day

While we’re all mainly still stuck indoors for most of the day, it’s important to focus on ways we can maintain a healthy rhythm that sustains our energy levels throughout the day. Of course when it comes to keeping yourself energised, there are certain foods that are absolutely ideal for giving your body a boost. Some of these foods provide slow-releasing energy from healthy carbohydrates, while others contain a range of important vitamins and minerals, which help to rejuvenate cellular energy production processes. So, to help you stay active and full of energy over the course of each day, we’ve got a list of some of the best foods that can give you the sustained boost you need...

What new fitness trends are emerging in 2021?

5 fitness trends that are already making waves in 2021

It’s always hard to predict what will be happening in a few months, as 2020 proves, it’s difficult to know what’s right around the corner! When it comes to fitness though it appears as though some trends are already getting a great deal of traction this year. It’s only February but we’ve got 5 of the top trends for you to keep in kind, right here...

Daily ways to work on your overall wellness

Simple & effective ways to work on your wellness everyday

Your wellness and wellbeing should always be a top priority. That sentence sounds obvious, but many of us often put our overall wellness on the back burner, as job stress and general life worries tend to get in the way. When it comes to wellness though, it’s actually the smallest things that can make the biggest difference to how you feel. If you want to feel better everyday then thankfully there are simple and effective ways that you can do just that. So, let’s go through them now!