The Perfect Butchery

Fresh & Delicious Butcher Quality Meats, Delivered Directly to Your Door

Bulking Meat Pack – 30 Pieces

Chicken Breast – 10x 200g
Rump Steak – 5x 200g
Sirloin Steak – 5x 200g
Beef Burgers – 8x 120g
Beef Mince – 2x 500g



BBQ PACK – 26 Piece

4x Cajun Chicken Breasts
4x Beef Burgers
4x Beef Steaks
4x Minted Lamb Steaks
6x Pork Sausages
4x Chinese Pork Steaks



Week Meat Pack – 19 Pieces

Whole Chicken – 1x 1.4kg
Chicken Breast – 2x 200g
Sirloin Steaks –  2x 200g
Beef Burgers – 4x 120g
Chicken Sausages – 1x 500g
Beef Mince – 1x 500g
Salmon Fillet – 2x200g
Cod Fillet – 2x 200g
Turkey Burgers – 4x 120g



Slimming Meat Pack – 21 Pieces

Rump Steak – 5x 200g
Chicken Breast – 5x 200g
Chicken Sausages – 1x 500g
Diced Turkey – 2x 500g
Turkey Burgers – 8x 120g



Burger Pack – 16 Pieces

Beef Burger – 4x 120g
Chicken Burger – 4x 120g
Turkey Burger – 4x 120g
Venison Burger – 4x 120g



The Mixed Grill

Our mixed grill is a protein packed feast!

A combination of rump steak, gammon, sausage, chicken breast and a tasty pork joint.

Add some mushrooms, tomatoes and watercress to top off the perfect British feast.



Chicken Breast Fillets



Chicken Strips – 500g

500grams of succulent chicken strips.

Our chicken strips are ready-to-cook and have no added salt or water. They taste so much better than your average supermarket meats!



Turkey Breast Steaks – 5x 200g

Our delicious turkey breasts are delivered skinless, boneless and have no added salt or water.



Turkey Breast Strips – 500g

Our delicious turkey strips are delivered skinless, boneless and have no added salt or water.



Rump Steaks – 5x 200g

Our tender rump steaks are farm fresh British beef and packed with protein. Beautiful on their own or with a simple meat rub applied before cooking.



Sirloin Steaks – 5x 200g

Our delicious sirloin steaks are farm fresh and packed full of protein.

Juicy and tender, these steaks are a British classic – beautiful on their own with a little salt and pepper to top them off.



Beef Strips – 500g

500grams of tender beef strips.

With any fat and gristle trimmed away by our expert butchers, our beef strips are simply super lean British beef.

These are a real treat in fajitas, burritos and stir-fry.



Venison Steaks – 5x 200g

Our mouth-watering venison steaks are delivered in a pack of 5, ready to cook.

Juicy & tender, these British steaks are a real treat and taste great cooked in butter with plenty of pepper.



Salmon Fillets – 5x 200g

Our mouth-watering salmon fillets are delivered in a pack of 5, ready to cook.

These juicy, tender fillets are packed with Omega3 and taste great when grilled and served with new potatoes.