Why You Should Start Adding Lemon to Your Water

Not just something restaurants like to add to make their water taste a bit fancy. Research shows that including a slice or two of lemon to your glass or bottle of water actually has some strong health benefits.

So, we wanted to outline some of them for you now. Here’s 5 reasons you should consider adding lemon to your water:

It’s high in vitamin C

Lemon, along with other citrus-y fruits contain high levels of vitamin C. This particular vitamin is rich in antioxidants which are essential to protect our cells from free radicals. 

Vitamin C also helps reduces the risk of strokes, cardiovascular disease and lowers blood pressure. 

It’s actually estimated that juice from one lemon produces around 19mg of vitamin C, which is almost a third of the recommended daily amount. 

It helps promote healthy skin

If your skin loses moisture, it can become prone to dry skin and wrinkles. So drinking water anyway has the potential to benefit your skin. But being high in vitamin C, studies show that lemons can help further reduce wrinkling, damage from the sun and dry skin.

Research also shows that vitamin C helps produce collagen which also contributes to skin health.

It aids hydration

If, like a lot of people, you don’t like the taste of water or you find it difficult to drink, then adding a slice of lemon to hot or cold water can make it taste nicer, which in turn may help you drink more.

Improved digestion

Drinking warm or cold water with lemon in it at the start of the day can help give your digestive system a kick in the morning. In fact, many people drink lemon water as a laxative to help prevent constipation. 

Prevents kidney stones

Evidence has shown that water on its own helps prevent kidney stones, but due to the citric acid present in lemons, lemon water can help prevent them further. The citrate in lemons reduced the acid present in urines which can help break up small stones. 

The next time you find yourself in the supermarket, buy a lemon and stick it in the fridge at work or at home and each time you pour yourself a glass throw a slice in. Not only does it make it more palatable, but you can take advantage of all the incredible health benefits lemon water provides, it really is a win-win.