Top 5 diets of 2020 to help you achieve your goals

You’ve tried the keto diet, you’ve tried the seafood diet, you might have even tried the infamous ‘ice diet’ frequented by celebs across the pond. Some might have worked, some not so much. All in all, there’s a range of diets out there, promising a quick solution to help you achieve your goals. But which are the top diets people are trying in 2020? We wanted to take you through the most popular:

Mediterranean Diet 

Hailing from countries including Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal. The mediterranean diet first rose to prominence in other parts of the world years back and it doesn’t look to be showing any signs of slowing down in popularity either. 

This is with good reason, consisting of the healthy living habits of the aforementioned countries. A mediterranean diet consists of plenty of nuts, olive oil, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. As well as, a moderate amount of dairy or fish and little white or red meat.  

Experts say this diet can help improve digestion, cardiovascular health and preventing disease including stroke and heart disease.

Vegan diet

Increasingly, people are going one further and making their veganuary trial a permanent one. The number of people trying out a plant-based diet increased significantly this year. And it’s easy to see why, not only can it be kinder on the planet, but kinder on our bodies too.

If you’re thinking of trying a vegan diet, you can have anything from legumes, nuts, fruit, whole grains and of course vegetables. Your main protein sources can include tofu, other meat substitutes, lentils, or chickpeas.  

Nordic diet

If it’s good enough for vikings, something’s gotta be right, right? Originating in Scandinavia, a Nordic diet consists of the usual food items including plenty of fish, wholegrains and fruit/veg. As well as, Icelandic yoghurt, rapeseed oil, lingonberries and herrings 

Low carb

Emphasising foods that are high in protein and fat, whilst limiting carbohydrates. A low carb diet is a popular choice for those wanting to lose weight. Beyond losing weight, low carb diets are associated with helping reducing bad cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. 

Whilst there are different types of low carb diet to consider, for best results your diet should consist of, unprocessed foods including meat, fish, eggs – basically anything that doesn’t include carbohydrates (or is low in them).


This is for those looking to implement a veggie or vegan diet, but aren’t ready to give up meat or dairy fully just yet. You still eat meat from time to time, but it is limited, so your meals are largely plant based. The benefits of a flexitarian diet are that it can help you lose weight and lowers your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

If you’re interested in following some form of diet or meal plan, we can lend a helping hand. Whether it’s for muscle gain, weight loss, or just maintenance, we can help you get where you want to be.