The Importance of Food for Building Muscle

It’s shocking how many people follow the misconception that eating any calories combined with weight training will still lead to them gaining muscle, even if their diet mainly consists of junk food.

Unfortunately, eating an abundance of junk food with next to no protein will not help you build muscle at all, even if you’re following a good weight training program. It’s physiologically impossible to build the muscle you want without the nutrients to properly fuel that growth.

Eating the right foods is more important when it comes to building muscle, but it’s a combination of diet and exercise that will really give you the results you’re after.

Exercising without the nutrition

Whenever you train with weights, your body’s protein synthesis increases, but so does its process of breaking down proteins. This means your body is in a constant state of synthesising and breaking down muscle tissue when you exercise with weights. So, you need to make sure your synthesising more muscle than your body is breaking down.

When you engage in frequent intense resistance and weight training without the right food to match, your breakdown process will end up overtaking your protein synthesis. When this negative protein balance occurs, you’ll actually be losing more muscle than your building, no matter how hard you exercise.

Yes you heard us – intense exercise with weights will actually lead to a loss of muscle tissue. The only way to stop this loss, it to combine your weight training with food sufficient nutrients, and a diet rich in protein.

Exercising and eating right

As you may already know, protein is made up of amino acids, which help to build strong lean muscle. When you combine nutritional foods that are rich in amino acids with intense weight training, you’ll be able to build muscle for that super toned look you’ve been after.

Combining the right exercises with amino acids (protein), will dramatically increase your body’s protein synthesis, while the breakdown process will drop significantly. When you let your body get to this perfect protein balance, building muscle will naturally follow.

Proper training and nutritional food is the ONLY way to build substantial strong and lean muscle mass, and for the optimal results you should never place one above the other. Exercise is important, but a poor diet with limited protein and nutrition will see your progress slow to a stop.

Nutrition without exercise

It’s essential to maintain a balance of nutrition and exercise, but nutrition by itself does still have the upper hand over exercise when it comes to building muscle. Even when at rest, eating protein rich foods will cause protein synthesis to far exceed breakdown, which can increase your muscle size, even without any exercise.

Of course there is a limit to how much your muscles will grow and just eating protein packed foods without doing any training won’t result in a massively muscled physique. However, the power of eating the right foods alone can help you build muscle far better than just exercising on a poor diet.

This shows that no matter what, you should never neglect nutrition, as the act of eating alone can cause muscle gain. Good food is an essential requirement, as training without it can actually lead to your body losing mass. You mustn’t only focus your attention on diet, as applying equal attention to training and nutrition will be the best thing you can do to maximise growth. Keep in mind that you can maintain and build muscle mass while trimming up to look healthy as well.

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