Some of The Best Smartwatches That Won't Break The Bank

Smartwatches have really come along way since first hitting the market in 2012, and their usefulness in terms of monitoring your health and fitness goals has certainly improved. Many smartwatches can help you with everything from workout motivation and tips, to sleep therapy and weight loss. They even let you track and count each calorie that you consume on a day to day basis, and measure your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

The health and fitness functionality of these devices can certainly help you develop and maintain a strong wellness routine. Now that the January sales are in full swing it might be the ideal time to get stuck into the smartwatch trend, and start getting techie when it comes to keeping track of your overall health.

So, if you’re looking for a smartwatch on a budget, we wanted to put together a quick list of some of the best options out there that won’t break the bank…

Amazfit Bip – priced at around £46

It may be one of the cheapest on the market, but it actually offers specifications above and beyond what its low price indicates. The cheap model offers a staggering 45-day battery life, that admittedly is reduced when using certain features such as heart rate monitoring, but it’s still pretty impressive.

Some Western connected apps either aren’t supported or they can be quite limited, which is a bit of a drawback, however for the price you’re unlikely to find a better smartwatch.

Sony Smartwatch 3 – priced at around £90

This smartwatch can vary in price from £60 to £130 depending on how much you shop around for deals or pre-owned versions etc. It definitely is another solid device for the price and boasts around a 48 hour battery life, along with GPS for tracking your steps and runs. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a heart rate sensor like some other models, so you won’t be able to measure your cardio performance while going for those runs.

Also, this model never received the upgrade to Android Wear 2, so it’s worth checking out what you’re missing out on before making a decision about this one. If the basic features of the original Android Wear suit you, then this maybe the watch for you.

Fitbit Blaze – priced at around £160

Essentially this model is one of the cheapest ‘Fitbit smartwatches’ on the market, and of course comes with the same tracking features that let you keep count of how many steps you’ve taken and floors you’ve climbed etc. One drawback though is that it doesn’t have any GPS, therefore you’ll need to use a phone when running for accurate tracking.

The watch does have custom straps available, allowing you to adjust its look from sporty to smart. Therefore it can look perfectly suitable in a gym or in an office meeting environment.

Ticwatch E – priced at around £140

Originally launched through an impressive Kickstarter campaign that managed to raise £2.3 million in funding, this smartwatch packs in so much considering the lower price tag.

Heart-rate monitoring and GPS are all built in, and despite some minor build quality issues, there’s little to separate this from much more expensive models.

Remember, some of the prices may change after this article is posted, but they should give you a reasonable indication.

Being able to track everything from your exercise, to your calorie intake is hugely beneficial for keeping on top of your health and fitness, but so is getting fresh, well-balanced and nutritious meals on a regular basis.

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