Our 2017 Gourmet Menu and Meal Plans

Happy new year from all of us at Prep Perfect HQ! 

At this time of year we are all as determined as ever to get our diets and fitness routines in place and to help you do this the Prep Perfect team have been working on a a number of options and tasty new meals:

  • 10 New Gourmet DishesWe have designed 10 delicious new gourmet menu dishes from a Tandoori Tilapia to Thai Green Quorn Curry
  • All New Meal Plans – Each of our meal plans have been refreshed and we have also introduced three options to suit different health & fitness goals (Weight Loss, hair loss cure,Maintenance & Muscle Gain)
  • The Simplicity Meal Builder – You now have the option to build your own meals from scratch! Choose from a range

We hope you have had an amazing 2016 and wish you a healthy & prosperous 2017 too,

The Prep Perfect Team.