Make Way For Global Wellness Day

Global Wellness Day (GWD), is just around the corner and will be celebrated this year in more than 100 countries around the world, including the UK, on 9th June.

It’s an entirely non-profit social project, created by volunteers, with a focus on promoting worldwide wellness, by offering a range of free health and wellness activities to the public.

The event aims to educate public and private sectors on overall well-being and this year will mark its seventh annual international celebration.

Worldwide wellness events

GWD will see many activities and events take place in hundreds of location around the globe and of course this includes the UK as well.

The UK events will include a range of community-wide outdoor exercise classes and family picnic lunches that will be held in Norfolk, Devon and Cornwall. These events aim to encourage better posture, which is considered to be even more important in today’s mobile phone scrolling and video game playing society – especially for young children.

>h2>A focus on children’s wellness

Speaking of children, this year’s GWD is focused specifically on the wellness of the young ones, and aims to decrease depression, obesity rates and even crime rates around the globe.

Further organised events in the UK include, a Pilates in the Park sponsored event and a celebration event programme from students at the University of Derby, which focuses on the GWD 7 Step Manifesto – more on this shortly.

“One day can change your whole life”

The GWD is all about how one day can have the power to completely change your life, in terms of your health, fitness and wellness aspirations.

We all understand how important our wellness and well-being is, but it can fall to the wayside a little, especially when most of us lead busy and demanding lifestyles. Global Wellness Day wants to help people realise that, even with a hectic schedule, anyone can introduce a few easy steps into their daily lives to give their well-being a boost.

GWD even has a 7 Step Manifesto in order to encourage people to incorporate wellness into their lifestyle, which you can also follow too, in fact you might be doing some of the steps already:

Walk for an hour
Drink more water
Don’t use plastic bottles
Eat healthy food
Do a good deed
Have a family dinner with your loved ones
Go to sleep by 10:00 pm

Wellness isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity, at least that’s what GWD’s message is all about. And at Prep Perfect we feel exactly the same.

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