How to fit 30 minutes of exercise into a busy day

It’s easy for an exercise routine to fall to the bottom of the pile when trying to juggle different responsibilities. Work, family, friends, pets, the to do list is never ending. And when it comes to getting home, the only thing you feel like doing is crashing on the sofa and scrolling Netflix’ latest releases.

But exercise doesn’t have to be a two hour slog in the gym every night of the week. According to experts, just 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week is enough to benefit your health. And you’d be surprised how easily it can be incorporated into your daily routine. Which is why we wanted to take you through some ways you can get 30 mins of exercise into a busy day:

Use your commute

Your commute can be an effective tool in getting your daily amount of exercise and we’re not just talking about exercising your thumbs on your phone either. If you can, cycle, walk or even run to your place of work. This will also help boost your mood by kicking off your day with a big dose of endorphins.

If you can’t get there on two feet or wheels, you could maybe try getting off the bus a stop earlier?

Use your lunch break 

It may seem like you can’t simply break from your desk, going to the toilet can even make you feel a little guilty. But is the place really going to fall down if you don’t send that email? Or break from that report for 30 mins? 

Whether it’s a brisk walk around the block, or a jaunt to the shops, your lunch break can be a real saviour when it comes to getting your fix of exercise for the day. 

Take the stairs 

One of the simplest ways to get your heart beating a little faster and that blood pumping, yet probably one of the most avoided forms of exercise. Although it might seem like you’re not doing a lot, even a minute amount has the ability to increase the body’s level of GLUT 4 – which is vital in turning calories into muscle instead of them being stored as fat. Get striding up those steps.

Play with a four-legged friend

If you’re lucky enough to own one of man’s best friends, spending time with them is a pawsome way of getting a dose of exercise for the day. Try playing fetch or even just extending their normal walk a little. And if you don’t own a dog, do you know a friend that does?

Try walking meetings

If, like a lot of the general population, you find yourself sitting through multiple meetings  trying your best not to doze off. Have you considered taking them outside the walls of the boardroom? Walking meetings can be a productive way of getting those steps in and getting some work done too.

Turn that housework into a workout

Although vacuuming and tidying do seem like mundane tasks, you are moving in different directions whilst completing it. So here’s a chance to get some effective exercise done whilst not even really having to think about it. 

Try to stand more

When we sit all day, our bodies go into autopilot – circulation and metabolism is slowed down and our muscles are relaxed. According to research, standing has the ability to burn up to 1.5 extra calories a minute compared to being in a seated position. 

If you can, try standing on public transport, or ask for a standing desk at work – it might not be the same as running a marathon, but it’s better than nothing.

Final thoughts 

Exercise doesn’t need to be running a 10k or hitting the weights for an hour, it can be pretty much anything that gets you moving and makes you active. Whether that be walking to work, or turning your chores into a workout. And whilst it is easier said than done, getting into a routine is key too – just like with any exercise routine, once you get in the habit, it becomes impossible to stop!