Everything You Need to Know About Our New Menu

Prep Perfect is proud to announce that we’ve launched a brand new Gourmet Menu, with 16 brand new dishes, which are all guaranteed to provide you with a nutrient rich treat for your taste buds.

As well as our brand new Gourmet Menu, we’ve also launched our keto package – all to help you get as healthy as possible! To celebrate these two exciting announcements we’ve got a 10% off giveaway that you can take advantage of today, using voucher code: NewMenu10.

So, here’s everything you need to know about our new Gourmet Menu….

A focus on plenty of protein

We’ve got plenty of new dishes that really pack in the protein, which of course is absolutely ideal for those looking to get more physically active, build muscle and increase their strength.

For example our new Chocolate Protein Waffles with Berries & Almond Quinoa, Garlic & Herb Sirloin Steak, Lemon & Thyme Chicken, and Tandoori Chicken are all loaded with protein goodness, to help your body repair tissues, lower blood pressure and maintain healthy bone mass.

Of course there’s an abundance of other enhancing vitamins and minerals in these meals too, and the new menu offers plenty more where they came from.

Some new vegetarian goodness

At Prep, we love providing you with vegetarian friendly meals loaded with healthy natural ingredients, which is why we’ve included some more fantastic dishes with our new Gourmet Menu.

You’ll be able to enjoy our new Matar Paneer With Chana and Cauliflower Rice, Falafel With Carrot & Sweet Potato, or even our Vegan Colour Bowl, which includes an array of vibrant vegetables, protein and brown rice.

By taking advantage of our new vegetarian meals, you’ll be giving your body easy access to much more nutrient dense, fibre filled foods, which means you can eat less and stay full for longer. Allowing you to lose weight or simply better control your food consumption. Plus enhancing your diet with high-carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral-rich vegetarian dishes will greatly improve your athletic performance.

More magnificent menu options

So we’ve got the protein and vegetarian goodness, but our new Gourmet Menu has even more to offer!

From our luscious Lamb & Sun Blush Tomato Meatballs, to our health boosting Breakfast Frittata and Guacamole – there’s even a new version of one of our classics, the Teriyaki Salmon Stir Fry with vegetables and noodles. There’s truly an option for everyone.

We’ve even changed things up for our weight loss package, maintenance package, and muscle gain package, with more fresh meat and veg options. Also, you can try our new sweet potato mash as part of the simplicity meal builder, along with a whole new range of seasonings from garlic and butter to jamaican jerk.

You can still build your meals completely from scratch if you choose to. All the new meals are made by Michelin trained chefs, using locally sourced, all-natural ingredients.

All these brand new delicious meals and more are made fresh and tailored to you, ready to be delivered whenever you need them.

Let us do the leg work for you, so that you can start reaping the benefits of our new Gourmet Menu today!

Check out our complete list of new meals right here – or have a look at our keto package if you’re looking to reduce those carbs, get more energy and start losing more weight fast.

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