Combating The Rise Of Ultra-Processed Foods And The Risk Of Cancer

No doubt you’ve seen the news recently regarding the worrying links between cancer, and the growing consumption of foods, which have been labelled “”ultra-processed.”

It’s currently a huge concern and rightly so, as a recent study by a team of researchers in France has shown that processed food heavy diets can carry great health risks, with a strong connection to the development of cancer.


What’s the situation?

The researchers at Sorbonne Paris Cité University, conducted food surveys on 105,000 people, over an average period of five years.

Published in the British Medical Journal, the results from the middle-aged women selected, indicated that if the presence of ultra-processed food increased in the diet by 10% – then the number of cancers detected would increase by 12%. The study also showed that, on average, ultra-processed food made up a total of 18% of people’s diet.

Despite the worrying findings, the researchers have confirmed that further large scale studies will be required, to properly establish specific links between the consumption of these foods increasing the burden of cancer. As other factors play a large part, like people smoking, being less active, or just those who already consume a lot of calories overall.


Problems with the definition

Many other health experts have expressed caution regarding the study, mainly due to the vague and somewhat arbitrary classification of what makes a food ultra-processed.

Foods like, instant pastas and soups, frozen ready meals, sweet or savoury packaged snacks, mass-produced breads and more, have all been labelled ultra-processed by the study. However, experts argue that the definitions are too broad, and indicating that all industrially produced food

has different nutritional and chemical compositions than homemade foods, isn’t accurate.


Here to help

Whether or not they view the research as conclusive proof or just some initial insight into dietary affects, the critics of the study still agree that sticking to a healthy and varied diet is the best solution – making sure that you’re getting plenty of fruit, vegetables and fibre is essential.

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It can be difficult to always find the time to make fresh meals yourself – a busy lifestyle, and other day to day stresses often get in the way – making you turn to some processed food options because you simply don’t have the time for anything else.

Not only do we want to cater to those looking to stay away from the foods that are falling into the  ultra-processed category, we aim to be the solution for you to get all the nutrients you require, without the time constraints.


We cater to those in remission

As well as ensuring that we provide the healthiest food options, to help those looking to avoid the possible risk of developing cancer or other diet-related diseases, we’re also proud to cater to and support many of our customers in remission from cancer.

At Prep, all of our fresh ingredient meals and dishes are low in iodine, and provide a rich source of fundamental vitamins to aid with recovery.

We want to be able to provide the best healthy alternative options that allow you to combat the rise of ultra-processed foods and unhealthy diets.