Announcing the Perfect Butchery

We are excited to announce the launch of the Perfect Butchery!

Here at Prep Perfect, we are passionate about providing easy access to healthy & nutritious food.

Our delicious range of freshly prepared meals have become increasingly popular and we’ve been eagerly on the lookout for ways to expand our offering.

We are thrilled to be launching a range of fresh, ready-to-cook meat & fish on the Prep Perfect website!

About The Butchery

The meat in our new Butchery is farm fresh, tastes great and is free from the additives and water which you’ll often find when buying meat from a supermarket.

All of our Butchery items are now available to order online and will be delivered directly to your door via chilled courier.

Just pick your meats & fish, add them to your basket and pick a delivery slot of your choosing – simple!

What’s Included?

In our new Butchery range, you will find a mix of raw poultry, red meats and fish.

We are also offering a selection of meat packs that give you a variety of protein packed meats at a competitive price.

You can see the full range on our Butchery page on the link below: