6 Top Tricks to Help You Deceive Your Sweet Tooth

It’s hard to fight the sugar cravings, especially when they give you that burst of serotonin as soon as you succumb to the temptation. The instant rush and sugar high doesn’t last long though, and before you know it, you’re coming back down with a crash.

Trying to simply ignore the urge to satiate your sugar cravings can be pretty difficult. Luckily there are tricks to help you deceive your sweet tooth…

#1 – Munching on a healthy breakfast in the morning can help your body to fight off the cravings for the rest of the day. A healthy breakfast means avoiding the sugary cereals, which are high in carbs; instead aim to eat something that’s filled with good carbs, protein and fibre. Such as some whole grain toast, with a bit of avocado.

#2 – Getting more sleep is surprisingly super useful for cutting cravings down to a minimum. When you get adequate amounts of sleep, your energy levels and appetite will be better balanced. Meaning you’ll be far less likely to want a quick fix for an energy boost. Make sure you’re always aiming for the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night.

#3 – Eating more vegetables can help you to feel fuller for longer, because of the rich amount of vitamins they contain. The combination of good carbohydrates and plant fibre will keep your body feeling satisfied, and help to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. Get some greens, such as spinach or kale into your diet, along with sweeter veggies like carrots as snacks.

#4 – Try distracting your body and mind away from the temptation of sugary snacks. Boredom and feeling anxious can often lead us to crave something sweet, so it’s important to do something that distracts you from thinking about food. Try going for a walk, doing some exercise, or even brushing your teeth. As the taste of the toothpaste will definitely put you off any snacks.

#5 – Using certain spices to satisfy your sweet tooth, can be a great way of tricking your brain into thinking it’s eating something sugary. Cinnamon in particular can work wonders for your cravings, by helping to control your blood glucose levels. Sprinkle a little on your porridge, or on a piece of fruit, or on some roasted vegetables.

#6 – Be aware of your bad habits, because you’ll be more likely to break them once you are. Focus on what’s causing your sugar cravings and whether or not they are habitual. Do you often eat meals that are high in salt? If so, this could make you feel like you need something sweet for balance. Train your mind to break the bad habits, such as brushing your teeth instead of having a sweet dessert after a meal.

If you suffer from anxious feelings, then remember, cutting out all the sugar completely won’t cure your anxiety. But reducing your sugar intake to a minimum can not only help you maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle, it can reduce the risks of serious health conditions, and also help you with any weight loss goals.

At Prep Perfect, we know that a well balanced diet that includes fresh, nutritiously rich meals will go a long way to keeping your body and mind healthy. Check out our diet meal plans today, or contact us for more information.