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With the Simplicity meal builder you can create meals for your meal plan tailored to your taste and macros using a larger range of proteins, carbs, vegetables and seasonings.


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Please note: Meats are show in their raw weights. Veg and Carbs are shown as cooked weights.

Protein Nutritional Info

 CaloriesProteinCarbsFatSat FatSugarFibreAllergens
Chicken Breast 120g135.5030.900.001.300.300.000.00
Chicken Breast 200g225.8051.500.002.200.500.000.00
Turkey Breast 120g180.5037.600.003.400.800.000.40
Turkey Breast 200g300.8062.600.005.601.400.000.70
Rump Steak 120g206.4024.900.0011.904.300.000.00
Rump Steak 200g344.0041.600.0019.807.200.000.00
Chicken Burger 120g131.0026.
Chicken Burger 200g218.3043.300.005.000.800.000.00
Beef Burger 120g177.8024.
Beef Burger 200g296.3040.300.0015.
Salmon 120g251.0030.400.0014.401.900.000.00
Salmon 200g418.4050.600.0024.
White Fish 120g139.6031.900.001.300.400.000.00
White Fish 200g232.6053.
Quorn 120g102.5016.602. soya
Quorn 200g170.8027.603.405.201.601.2014.20Contains soya
Halloumi 120g386.1026.202.3030.2019.201.200.00Contains milk
Halloumi 200g643.5043.703.8050.4032.002.000.00Contains milk

Seasoning Nutritional Info

 CaloriesProteinCarbsFatSat FatSugarFibreAllergens
Garlic & Butter16.900.204.001.700.001.700.00Contains milk
Tikka Tandoori16.400.133.900. milk
Kickin’ Chilli17.250.203.900.
Tangy Sweet Chilli17.350.
Sticky BBQ16.850.
Piri Piri16.450.213.750.150.001.500.00

Carbs Nutritional Info

 CaloriesProteinCarbsFatSat FatSugarFibreAllergens
Basmati Rice 100g141.003.4031.000.400.800.800.70
Basmati Rice 180g253.906.1055.700.701.401.401.30
Brown Rice 100g137.803.4028.501.100.200.401.40
Brown Rice 180g248.006.2051.302.000.400.802.40
Sweet Potato Wedges 100g121.601.6027.900.400.4014.503.30
Sweet Potato Wedges 180g218.902.9050.200.700.7026.105.90
Sweet Potato Mash 100g121.601.6027.900.400.4014.503.30
Sweet Potato Mash 180g218.902.9050.200.700.7026.105.90
Roasted New Potatoes 100g 73.901.7016.100.300.301.301.00
Roasted New Potatoes 180g 133.003.1029.000.500.502.301.80
Penne Pasta 100g139.804.8028.800.600.101.201.20Contains gluten
Penne Pasta 180g251.608.6051.801. gluten
Egg Noodles 100g138.104.8027.900.800.101.401.00Contains gluten & egg
Egg Noodles 180g248.508.6050.301.400.102.501.80Contains gluten & egg
Cous Cous 100g104.505.6018.500.900.302.502.10Contains gluten & milk
Cous Cous 180g188.1010.1033.301.600.504.503.80Contains gluten & milk

Veg Nutritional Info

 CaloriesProteinCarbsFatSat FatSugarFibreAllergens
Mixed Greens25.302.402.900.500.401.603.30
Green Beans26.501.704.700.
Stir Fry Veg25.402.103.800.200.002.401.80
Roasted Veg27.
Roasted Root Veg72.601.1010.303.000.606.403.10
Savoy Cabbage95.301.102.100.500.101.902.80
Leek & Peas56.003.606.101.900.302.503.50

How Long Do Your Meals Last In The Fridge?
Our meals are completely fresh! We recommend freezing any meals which you do not plan on eating within three days. Meals can be frozen for up to 8 weeks.

Can The Meals Be Eaten Cold Without Re-heating?
Yes, excluding rice dishes however we’d recommend that you eat after heating.

How Long Can The Meals Last After They Are Delivered to My “Safe Place”?
This all depends on the temperature on the day and the location of your safe place. However, we use the highest performance temperature control packaging, which can keep perishables chilled for up to 24hours!

Choose your delivery date at checkout – deliveries available Tuesday-Saturday.

We use the highest performance temperature control packaging, which can keep perishables chilled for up to 24hours!