Simplicity Meal Builder

With the Simplicity meal builder you can create meals for your meal plan tailored to your tastes and macros using a larger range of proteins, carbs, vegetables and seasoning.

The Simplicity Meal Builder


Nutritional Info

Here you’ll find some allergy advice for each of the ingredients available on the Simplicity Meal Builder.

Fish: Contains Fish
Salmon: Contains Fish
Quorn: Contains Soya and Cereals Containing Gluten
Satay Seasoning: Contains Milk, Nuts, Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, Soya and Cereals Containing Gluten
Tandoori Seasoning: Contains Nuts and Peanuts
Sweet Chilli Seasoning: Contains Sesame Seeds
Penne Pasta: Contains Cereals Containing Gluten
Cous Cous: Contains Milk and Cereals Containing Gluten

 CaloriesProteinCarbsFatSat. FatSugar
Chicken 120g165.636.9020.50
Chicken 200g27661.403.40.80
Fish 120g139.23201.30.40
Fish 200g23253.202.20.60
Salmon 120g310.823.40.2246.70.3
Salmon 200g518390.44011.20.4
Quorn 120g103.
Quorn 200g172230.8310.4
Beef Burger 120g285.628.1019.28.280
Beef Burger 200g47646.803213.80

 CaloriesProteinCarbsFatSat. FatSugar
Satay Spice40132.50.52
BBQ Spice290.13.50.103
Tandoori Spice3512102
Garlic & Herb Spice3801410
Sweet Chilli Spice3700009

 CaloriesProteinCarbsFatSat. FatSugar
Sweet Potato Wedges 100g1281.627.90.40.414.5
Sweet Potato Wedges 180g230.42.950.20.70.726
Roasted New Potatoes 100g761.716.
Roasted New Potatoes 180g136.83.1290.50.52.3
Basmati Rice 100g106.82.623.
Basmati Rice 180g213.
Brown Rice 100g105.32.621.
Brown Rice 180g210.
Cous Cous 100g1445.
Cous Cous 180g259.
Penne Pasta 100g154.75.331.
Penne Pasta 180g278.59.554.21.10.42

 CaloriesProteinCarbsFatSat. FatSugar
Green Beans13.50.852.350.0501.05
Green Beans14.51.70.630.50.20.6

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