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Keto Meal Plan

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Customer Reviews
  1. vassmonika7
    26 June 2018

    I was looking forward to the keto option. I was expecting a decent quality based on my former experience with other PrepPerfect meals but I am pleasantly surprised how delicious these keto meals are! The taste exceeds my expectations. Besides it makes it so much easier to keep the keto diet and spare the time and effort of planning, preparation and calculating carbs. The portion size may not be sufficient for some people but it depends what else you are having in your diet. I’m happy 🙂 Thanks.

  2. liam
    9 July 2018

    I’ve been doing keto since 2013, but find myself with less and less time to cook and thought I’d give PrepPerfect a go. The keto meals here are innovative and delicious, it’ll make it even harder to go back to preparing and planning my own meals (the worst part about keto… prep). Portion size does indeed seem small; but one of the many benefits of keto is that is zaps your appetite anyway – so once you’re deep into nutritional ketosis, the portion size shouldn’t be an issue with around 800kcals per meal.

  3. jestfer6
    9 October 2018

    Tried PrepPerfect with the Keto meal for the first time. The food is indeed delicious; however, the portion size is a bit small, especially if you are new to keto, but I’ve noticed how my hunger has diminished from the first day, so it’s not really much of a problem right now. A trick is to add some mayo or some more fats like oils to your meals 🙂 Would totally recommend PrepPerfect to others!

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