Our Maintenance meal plans are a unique combination of weight loss and muscle gain dishes to provide you with the ideal balance of nutrients, macros, and proteins to maintain your current condition.

Our Maintenance is ideal for anyone wanting a lighter lunch and a more substantial dinner (or the other way round!)

This plan is also perfect for couples ordering together, where often one of you is focussed on weight loss and the other is focussed on muscle gain. With an equal split of weight loss and muscle gain dishes in each order, this is a great way of saving money.


The benefits of Maintenance Meal Prep

Have you achieved your goal weight? If so, congratulations! Getting to your goal can be a tough journey and requires real dedication. And now you’ve hit your target, you’ll be keen to maintain it.

Sometimes, maintenance can be even harder than the journey to hit your goal weight. Understanding what you need to eat in order to maintain that ideal weight can be a challenge, and sometimes it isn’t always possible to prepare healthy, nutritious food when time is tight.

At Prep Perfect, we know that regular, balanced meals are vital when it comes to supporting and sustaining your current condition. This is why we offer dedicated Maintenance meal plans, created specifically for people wanting to maintain their current weight, fitness, and muscle levels.

Our Maintenance plans provide a combination of weight loss and muscle gain dishes, which average out perfectly to help you maintain your current condition.


Maintenance Calorie Food Prep Service

Our maintenance meal plan has been designed to help you sustain your current weight without the stress of knowing what food to buy and cook. Each month, our professional chefs craft new tasty recipes to help you gain lean muscle and you are never left bored or wondering what to eat.

Our understanding of health and nutrition means that we pack everything you need into our meals, ensuring that the food you eat supports your weight and fitness goals. Our maintenance meal prep delivery service includes all your essential nutrients and lean protein options to help your body maintain healthy muscles. And you can forget about calories and macro counting: we do that so that you’d don’t have to!

Our Maintenance Meal Prep Service

We strongly believe that nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring, which is why our maintenance meals are prepared by expert chefs who know that meal prep should look and taste fantastic. A regularly-changing menu and countless options of delicious meals means that maintaining your current condition will never leave you feeling bored or hungry.

Check out our specifically-tailored maintenance plans and discover how Prep Perfect can help you maintain the current condition that you worked so hard for.