Feel body confident this summer

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It’s July, which means summer is officially here! Whether you’re jetting off abroad (lucky you!) or hoping for some sunshine here in the UK, chances are your thoughts have probably turned to digging out your shorts and swimwear.

At Prep Perfect, we’re all about body confidence, and we always encourage our customers to love their body. We’re passionate about eating well without guilt, restrictions or fad diets, and one of our mantras is that you should never be a slave to the scale. However, we also know that it’s totally normal to feel a bit self conscious about revealing your body as the weather gets warmer, especially after months of being wrapped up in jumpers in the good old British weather!

With this in mind, we wanted to share our top tips for feeling body confident this summer. From fitness tips to healthy eating, this guide should get you on the right track just in time for when the sun finally makes an appearance!

1. Set yourself a goal

Whenever you’re embarking on a fitness or weight loss journey, it’s always important to have a goal in mind. Having a goal will help motivate you to stick with your diet or fitness programme. It doesn’t have to be an ambitious goal either- in fact, making your goal too unobtainable can be counter-productive. Set yourself a short-term, realistic target that you can genuinely achieve. Maybe you’ve bought a new summer dress that you want to slip into, or you want to lower your BMI to within a healthy range. Maybe you didn’t feel comfortable in your swimwear on the beach last year and just want to feel more confident this summer. Keep your goal in mind whenever you lack the motivation to train, or are tempted to reach for

the treats! Knowing you have a short-term goal to aim for can make all the difference.

2. Exercise right

Exercise is such an important part of keeping fit and healthy, and plays a major part in weight loss. It’s also proven to be good for our mental health and well-being: it gets the endorphins flowing and is a great way to blow off steam and relax. Sometimes, beginning an exercise programme can feel like a mountain to climb and can take real motivation at the start, but if you can get into the habit of exercising for the first few days, it’s likely you’ll get the bug for it and will soon start to enjoy it!

The best way to lose weight and start to build muscle or tone up is by combining cardio with weight training. Running for miles each day on a treadmill might seem the quickest way to blast off excess body weight, but actually mixing up your programme can have greater benefits. Firstly, it can become boring doing the same form of cardio multiple times a week, which means you’re more likely to give up. Secondly, weight training has the benefit of strengthening muscles, which not only helps burn fat but also gives the appearance of a leaner, more toned physique. It’s the quickest way to actually see results, which is the biggest motivation of all: if you can see your hard work paying off, you’re far more likely to keep going.

Weight training sessions are one of the best ways to drop body fat before summer. Not only will you look more toned, but weight training raises heart rate, increases metabolism, and burns greater amounts of calories.

When it comes to weight training, a commonly-voiced concern by women is that they don’t want to bulk up too much, and often this fear is a blocker to women working out with weights. However, you would need to spend a lot of time weight lifting to get to this stage, as well as modifying your diet to build muscle. By mixing up cardio and light weight training, you can look and feel fantastic for summer.

3. Use a meal prep service

Exercise is key to weight loss and fitness, but it needs to go hand in hand with eating healthily. Eating the right foods is a surefire way to see fast results.

Using a meal prep service is a great way to kick-start your weight loss diet. By cutting out the need to plan, shop for, and cook meals, you are far less likely to fall into a trap of eating unhealthily. Having convenient, nutritionally-balanced food readily available stops you reaching for the snacks or high-calorie options.

Meal prep services such as Prep Perfect understand health and nutrition, so you can forget about counting calories: all that is covered for you! Look for specifically-tailored weight loss plans- these are designed to create a calorie deficit that will help you achieve weight loss and diet goals.

Very often, we know the kinds of food we should be eating in order to lose weight, but time is tight and it’s so much easier to reach for unhealthy snacks or processed foods. That’s why a meal prep service that delivers healthy dishes to your door can be a life saver. Prep Perfect offers meal plans that are tailored to your specific goals, whether it is to lose weight, build muscle, cut carbs, or maintain your weight. Meal prep really can be a fast track to body confidence this summer.

4. Consistency is key

At Prep Perfect, we champion long-term achievable healthy eating rather than crash diets. We understand that if you embark on an extreme weight-loss programme in order to drop weight quickly, you are actually more likely to give up sooner because it’s just too difficult to sustain.

Instead, keep it consistent: get into the habit of eating healthily and exercising so that it becomes more of a lifestyle choice and less of a fad diet. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this “new you” becomes the norm! This is the best way to maintain your weight loss and fitness levels for the long term, for summer and beyond.

If you’re setting yourself some diet and fitness goals for summer, why not try meal prep as a great way to kick start your new healthy eating programme? Take a look at our delicious menu today and take your first steps towards feeling body confident this summer.