Are You Too Busy To Lead a Healthy Lifestyle? Think Again

People say that the biggest thing stopping them from leading a healthy lifestyle, is the fact that they are simply ‘too busy’. Many have the desire to eat healthily and get plenty of regular exercise but can’t seem to find any space in their hectic schedules. When we don’t have a spare moment to prepare nutritious food, our diets suffer, and we get tempted to reach for the quick fix of junk food or take-aways.

Leading a busy lifestyle can often cause you to skip meals entirely, and you may be amongst those who avoid hitting the gym simply because they’re consistently rushed off their feet. If this all sounds familiar, don’t worry, because you’re not alone. Luckily the idea that you can’t live healthily because you’re too busy doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, all it takes is some small simple changes…


Drink more water

Sounds simple but one of the most important steps to feeling healthier is all about your hydration. Generally people don’t tend to drink enough water throughout the day, and the busier you are the more your liquid intake tends to decrease.

When your sat in an air conditioned office, or out on the go, it’s all too easy to not feel the effects of dehydration. But make no mistake, lack of fluid intake will leave you feeling fatigued and eventually cause further health problems. Get yourself a refillable bottle, and aim to empty it up to six times a day. This way you’ll soon feel the positive mental and physical effects of being well-hydrated.


Practice hitting your pause button

It’s sometimes easier said than done, but one of the best possible ways to help yourself stay healthy is knowing when to slow down and stop. We all go through hectic times, where things just seem to keep piling on top of us, but being constantly rushed about and stressed out can have serious consequences both physically and mentally,

This is why it’s vital that you have a pause button. It might only take the form of just 5 or 10 minutes that you can grab to yourself each day. However long your pause time lasts, it’s always important to stop, breathe and be mindful when you can. Being kind to yourself, and giving yourself a break will actually help you be more productive with a busy schedule anyway, without you having to sacrifice your health.


Give yourself a morning routine

For many of us, the typical morning involves a mad scramble as we rush around the house and quickly set off in order to get to work on time. This sort of morning never gives us time to properly wake up, and causes us to feel stressed from the moment we open our eyes. Instead of rushing you need to show yourself more respect in the mornings, and start your day off with ease as often as you can.

Channel your energy by starting a productive morning routine. Set yourself to get up earlier in order to go for a quick walk, a light jog, or just so that you can sit and have a quiet cup of coffee in peace. Allowing yourself time to organise your thoughts and your day in the morning will work wonders for how confident and stress-free you feel later on. A strong morning routine will leave you feeling calm, collected and responsive throughout the day.


Get a good regular night’s sleep

In order for you to feel better when you wake up you need a strong morning routine, but you also need to be getting the right amount of shut eye too. If you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter, you’re probably already aware of the toll it takes on you physically and mentally the next day. In terms of leading a healthy lifestyle, absolutely nothing get replace getting a good night’s sleep.

So, you should try to go to bed at approximately same time everyday, and aim to wake up at the same time every morning, as your body will respond well to the routine. You may have trouble sleeping, and if this is the case then find ways to make getting some shut eye easier. It could be a sleep recording app, or simply drinking some herbal tea before bed. Do whatever works best for your circadian rhythm, as this will help you avoid any health problems that come from years of sleep deprivation.


Find some time for physical activities

Getting regular exercise is a key component of leading a healthy lifestyle, however this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sign up to the gym. Instead, find ways of getting exercise that are more appealing to you. It could be simple things, like taking the stairs instead of the lift, or walking somewhere instead of taking the car, train or bus. Having a hobby also helps, such as cycling, hiking, swimming or running.

These are all wonderful ways to cleanse your system of toxic energy, get rid of stress, and of course stay fit. You owe it to yourself to keep your body in good shape, so make your schedule work for you in terms of your workouts or training. By fitting in more physical activities whenever you can, your overall health and your metabolism will be boosted, you’ll be less prone to injuries, and you’ll feel more at ease in your body and mind.  


Use meal prep to keep a healthy diet

We’re all guilty of making excuses for not eating healthily, and not having time to cook is one of the biggest. This is where healthy meal prep at the weekend can help, because this can give you the chance to plan out what you eat and when, saving you time and money. Also, you’ll be able to control exactly what you’re eating. The good news is, if you’re still unable to spend as much time in the kitchen as you would like at the weekends, then you can take advantage of a meal prep delivery service.

At Prep Perfect, we believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy lifestyle, which is why we strive to make healthy meal prep delivery as easy as possible. We offer a range of tailored meal plans to suit any health and fitness goals. All of our dishes can be built by you from scratch, cooked by Michelin trained chefs using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and delivered to you to fit with your schedule.