You Can Power Through Fatigue with The Right Foods

In the busy, bustling, fast moving world we live in, it’s all too easy for you to burn the candle at both ends. Before you know it, constant fatigue and exhaustion sets in. Our bodies run like an engine, if we don’t supply it with what it needs, then the inevitable afternoon energy slump will hit.

Sure, that oh-so-tempting sugar and caffeine supply will give your body a quick rush of energy, but it won’t be long before you crash. Instead of desperately downing a dozen cups of coffee, there’s another way to beat fatigue and sustain strong energy levels. Certain healthy foods can be essential for giving your energy a natural boost, and when you consume them is just as important.

Do you often feel sluggish after lunch? That’s because all of your precious energy is being depleted digesting that big meal you just had, instead of powering the rest of your body. Eating smaller meals throughout the day is a must, to keep your body fueled regularly. We want to go through some of the best fatigue fighting foods you can choose, which will not only positively impact on your energy levels, they may even help with weight loss.

Fresh fruit and veg

Yes, let’s start with the obvious. We all know that seasonal fruits and vegetables are good for us, but these nutrient filled foods can also give us the energy we need throughout the day. Fruits and vegetables are not only low in fat and calories, they are often full of dietary fiber, folate, vitamins, minerals, and of course potassium.

Remember, the fresher your food is the better, which is why fresh fruit and veg is an ideal alternative to processed foods. Fresh food typically has a higher nutrient count, and in-season fruit and veg will have ripened naturally.

Speaking of processed foods…

Unprocessed foods

Reaching for the junk food can seem like a quick and easy solution to solve your low energy problems. However, processed foods like packaged meals, canned food, sugary treats and precooked meats are all typically very low in terms of nutritional value.

Most processed foods contain high amounts of preservatives, additives, sodium, trans fats, and artificial ingredients. These may temporarily make you feel comforted and give you a sudden burst of energy, but these foods will soon slow you down. Focus on unprocessed foods, as eating clean will increase weight loss and our energy levels, as well as promote better general health and happiness.


We mentioned fruits, and we also mentioned potassium, which is why we’re pointing out the power of bananas! These cultivated fruits have been compared to carbohydrate sports drinks, the kind that offer sustained energy over long periods of time for athletes.

Bananas can offer just as much fuel for your body as any sports drink. The reason for this is? Bananas are jam packed with the perfect amount of potassium, fiber, vitamins, and carbohydrates. All of which provide the body with an effective slow release of energy.

Lean proteins

When it comes to consuming foods for that all-important protein, you should try to steer clear of red meats that are full of saturated fats. Instead opt for much leaner meat and fish sources for your dietary protein.

Skinless, white poultry, fish, pork loin, turkey and more are all quality sources of lean protein, and contain much less saturated fat. Plus, fish such as salmon and tuna can be even more beneficial for your body, as they contain omega-3 fatty acids, and heart healthy fats. And don’t worry there are plenty of ways to get the protein you need on a vegetarian diet too.

Chia Seeds

These seeds maybe be small but they certainly pack a punch when it comes to giving your body a much needed energy boost. Their strong carb content make them an excellent source of prolonged energy, whether you’re in the office or training for an endurance event.

Chia seeds not only contain a good amount of carbohydrates, they are rich in heart healthy fats, and filling fiber to keep fatigue at bay. Plus, they can help with hydration as the seeds can absorb ten times their weight in water.

Complex carbs & whole grains

Our body needs carbohydrates for energy, but refined carbohydrates such as sugars and white flour provide as much nutritional value as processed junk foods. Not all carbs are created equal, which is why you need to choose complex carbohydrates and whole grain foods in for your body to get the full benefit.

Whole-wheat bread is great for slow release energy that lasts longer, along with other complex carbs, such as low fat yogurts, lentils, and whole grain pastas. Nuts and seeds are also great examples of complex carbs, designed to beat fatigue and fight hunger with fiber.


These don’t just have to be for breakfast, because oats can be enjoyed at anytime of the day. The beauty of a bowl of oats is that they pack an energy inducing punch of fiber and a decent dose of protein, to keep your body fully fuelled.

Whether you opt for some oatmeal or more old-fashioned oats, you’ll soon see a difference in your energy levels. Plus, you can always add extras on top, such as a little honey or some mixed berries to keep things interesting.


It’s not all about the food, as a few regular hits of H2O throughout the day can work wonders for keeping your body functioning at an optimal level. Water might not be able to provide energy in the form of calories, but it can help facilitate the energy processes within your body.

Dehydration is a serious issue that can occur more often than you think during a busy working day, because you’ll simply forget to take in the necessary fluids you need. Sipping on a glass of water regularly will help you to avoid dehydrating your body, which can be a root cause of fatigue. Plus, opting of water instead of coffee or soft drinks can alleviate headaches, improve your concentration, and leave you feeling a lot fresher and focused

The right foods and the right mindset

Putting some thought into the foods you choose to eat everyday can be a hugely effective way to keep your energy up. However, it’s also beneficial to combine a well balanced diet with regular exercise. This will help you to fully control your body’s energy levels more effectively, and you won’t even need a gym membership to practice the many techniques that can help you stay calm, relaxed and relieve stress.

Being more mindful of how you’re spending energy everyday, both physically and mentally, will work wonders to stop you depleting yourself unnecessarily.

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