Tips To Develop Healthy Eating Habits For The Kids

We all want our kids to develop their own healthy eating habits, and wish to encourage them to lead nutritiously rich, active lives from an early age.

However, we all know getting the little ones to be enthusiastic about healthy meals can be an uphill struggle, and the pressure mounts up when you try to cater for them during a hectic and stressful working week.

A troublesome trend

According to a study by Public Health England (PHE) and Disney, only 23% of boys and 20% of girls actually manage to meet the 60 minutes per day, national recommended level of activity for healthy development.

It’s certainly a worrying trend, especially considering that any nutritional, health and fitness, experiences at a young age can have long-lasting effects, which continue on into adulthood. With more and more fast food outlets constantly popping-up, along with substandard restaurants, getting the kids eating right is becoming increasingly important.

At Prep, we know the struggle is real! And we aim to make the task of developing healthy eating habits for the kids easier, by offering time-saving solutions like our weekly family meat pack – we also want to share our tips with you, to help you and the kids to start feeling healthier and fitter.

Make meals together

We understand how frustrating it can be when the kids simply refuse to eat a healthy meal that you’ve just spent the last few hours preparing. Taking the approach of making them clear their plate before leaving the table, can end up just making things worse.

One thing you can try, is cooking with the kids – yes we know this sounds like an invitation for some messy stress. But introducing the little ones to the kitchen, to help you prepare a few meals each week, can actually encourage them to eat whatever they helped to make.

If the kids get the opportunity to help prepare healthy meals at home, they are more likely to enjoy eating fruit and veg than those who don’t get involved with meal prep at all. Not only will their time spent helping you out with weekly meal prep, help them to develop a more positive connection with different types of fresh foods, including fruits and vegetables – it will also give them a stronger foundation for good nutritional intake.

As well as furnishing them with cooking skills to use later in life, making meals together will create more positive family experiences, where you can look for recipes and share healthier food ideas together.

Trim the temptation for fast food

We’re all about convenience when it comes meals, which is why we offer a tailored meal plan service for all our freshly prepared food, which can be delivered directly to your door. It’s because of our commitment to convenience that we also understand the temptation that fast food has, when it comes to the weekly family meals.

Fast food is appealing, there’s no denying that – it can be time-saving during a busy week, cheap and tasty. Junk food can be especially appealing to kids, who don’t yet understand the
consequences of their eating habits. Don’t get us wrong, an occasional fast food meal won’t harm their health, but regular consumption of fattening junk food can soon become addictive for kids, and lead to serious health complications like obesity.

Try to limit their fast food intake as much as you can, and make it so that it’s only an option when you don’t have time to cook once in a while. By limiting junk food to the odd occasion, you’ll avoid instilling it as positive reinforcement, and stop them from developing a disliking for fruits and vegetables.

Consider smart snacking

Constant munching can be a tricky habit to shake off for most adults, never mind the kids. Before you know it, continuous snacking in between meals can quickly lead to overeating, which in turn can cause weight gain.

You may find that the kids start to lose their appetite for main meals, as a result of eating too many snacks throughout the day, even if you serve up their favorite dish for dinner.

If you make sure that there’s plenty of healthier options available, by keeping the fridge and cupboards stocked with plenty of chopped lettuce, bell peppers, bananas, baby carrots with hummus or apple slices etc, instead of the usual crisps and biscuits – then even snacking can become a more nutritious habit.

There’s no harm in grabbing a little bite at off hours, but make sure no snacking takes place too close to mealtimes, and if they must have something, make it as light as possible.

Let them decide what to eat

Sounds counter-intuitive we know, but if you find yourself struggling with developing healthy eating habits for the kids, and you’re sick of hearing the words “I don’t like that” – then you can try letting them make the decisions. Allow them to pick their favourites from a list of fruits, vegetables, and healthy carbohydrates, as they’ll be less likely to go against a decision they’ve made themselves.

These days we are all more aware of what we’re putting into our bodies, and frequently check food labels to ensure the meals we eat are full of as many wholesome, natural and vitalising ingredients as possible. We all want the same for the children too, but giving them the choice to select the healthy, clean foods that make them happy themselves will have a far greater chance of changing their eating habits in the long-term, than anything forced on them.

You can set the example

Kids tend to copy us, it’s a natural part of their learning a development, and they will emulate something simply because they repeatedly see you doing it.

So if you really want the kids to start eating right and developing the wellness habits that stick – then you can lead by example. If you stop them from drinking sugar-filled fizzy drinks, then decide to consume a couple of cans yourself at mealtimes, it will give them mixed messages.

Take the steady steps to change your own attitude towards food – and if you’re willing to find new ways to start eating healthy meals, the kids will soon follow in your footsteps. Never forget that you have the power to teach them how important it is to value and love themselves, and to be proud of their achievements.

Plus you’ll reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle while you’re busy setting the example, so everybody wins!

We’re here to make things even easier

At Prep, we understand that everyone wants the best for their family in terms of healthy eating habits. Which is why our goal is to make healthier food choices as easy as possible, especially when you’re struggling to find any time as work continues to mount up.

If you want to prepare nutritional, fresh and delicious meals for your family, we think that’s fantastic – but if you’re busy schedule means you just can’t grab a spare moment to do it – that’s where we can help.

You can take a look at our Gourmet Menu, Meal Plans and Mixed Maintenance Meal Plan – to pick the tailored healthy food you want for you and your family. Let us know which meals you’re after, and how many you need each week. We will handle all the meal prep for you, then deliver it when you want, saving you time and energy.

If you want to find out more about how we can provide you and your family with all the nutritional nurishment you’re seeking, then contact us today.