The Best Ways to Detox Your Body Starting Now

Even though our bodies have the natural ability to fight and flush out toxins, these days they can soon become overwhelmed due to the sheer volume of harmful environmental toxins our lifestyles expose us to. From pollutants in the air, pesticides and preservatives in food, to fluoride and other chemicals in the water, our bodies are vulnerable whether we like it or not.

But don’t worry, this is what detoxification is all about, and it’s something that’s been practiced by many cultures around the world for hundreds of years. It’s a simple, easy and clean way to naturally cleanse your body and mind. Of course prepping meals that contain naturally detoxifying foods is essential for eliminating toxins but this isn’t the only step you can take, so we’ve got some of the best ways to detox your body, starting now…

Wait, why detox your body?

Much like meal prep works for organising how you’re going to supply your body with all the essential nutrients it needs on a weekly basis, detoxing will ensure that you can regularly cleanse your body of toxic substances, and prevent the harmful symptoms that they can cause.

Even if you often avoid food and drink that contains harmful toxins, unfortunately you’ll naturally absorb health-damaging toxins through your bloodstream on a daily basis, especially if you have a hectic lifestyle travelling in a busy city. Before you know it these toxins build up, your energy levels drop, your immune system suffers and you even start to age far faster. Absorbed toxins can also contribute to the formation of free radicals, which can lead to the destruction of healthy cells.

From household cleaning, body care and cosmetic products to processed foods and water that’s contaminated with toxic residue from pharmaceuticals, there’s no way any of us can completely avoid toxins. Don’t forget your body is fully capable of fighting these harmful substances and detoxifying itself, but it won’t hurt to add some more natural detox steps to boost the cleansing process.

Get vital vitamin C

Vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant, not only good for fighting free radicals but also for boosting the body’s production of the liver compound glutathione, which can help drive away toxins. Lemons are certainly the best choice for vitamin C intake, as they have a natural alkaline effect, which improves the immune system

So, starting your detox regime with a glass of hot water and a slice of fresh lemon is the best way to begin your day. The lemon will help flush out any toxins, and it also trains you to start drinking more water, which you should do throughout the day.

Focus on fresh fruit and vegetables

Of course we believe in meal prep to get a healthier diet in general, but when it comes to detoxing your body, prepping meals with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables should be a cornerstone of your cleansing.

Organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables are all excellent detoxifying foods, and they all contain properties that promote nutrient absorption and aid digestion. Add plenty of kale, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, artichokes, spirulina, seaweed and more to your dishes. They are full of fiber and contain numerous enzymes and compounds to assist the liver, making detoxing the body a breeze.

Grapefruit, pineapples, oranges, and tomatoes are just some examples of fruits that are especially effective at detoxifying the body.

Take time for some green tea

Sipping some green tea is a great way of getting your body’s natural detoxing process to prosper, and also provides plenty of additional wholesome health benefits.

To really boost the active ingredients and antioxidants found in green tea, try brewing it with loose leaves and added herbs, such as dandelion, burdock or nettles. This will encourage more antioxidants to be released, and even enhance and cleanse the liver, to better protect you from diseases.

Get a quick cold shower

Okay, admittedly this sounds like a far more horrifying way of detoxing your body. However, the shock of cold water falling on your skin can actually help increase and balance out the blood flow in the body. You don’t have to do it for that long either, simply take a normal hot shower for however long you want then give yourself a quick burst of cold water at the end for 30 seconds or so.

By inducing a shock response from your body, circulation will dramatically improve as your arteries will more efficiently pump blood to your organs. This can lead to better overall heart health, lower blood pressure, and an improved immune system. You’ll feel cleansed and ready for the day with a natural dose of energy, plus cold water exposure has also been linked to easing stress and relieving the symptoms of depression for better overall wellness.

Exercise to enhance the detox process

As mentioned your body is designed to get rid of what you don’t need, but keeping your body moving with some regular exercise will not only reduce stress, it will help reduce those harmful toxins as well. Regular exercises like yoga can encourage stronger circulation through stretching and controlled breathing, allowing the body to better cleanse and purify itself.

Everything from your liver to your digestive system works more efficiently with consistent exercise. You’ll release endorphins to trigger positive feelings and reduce your perception of pain, so you’ll be detoxifying your mind too. Don’t forget to keep yourself well hydrated when you exercise, to filter out those toxins more effectively.

Prepping meals with all the fruit, vegetables, herbs and fiber you can for a wholesome balanced diet is very beneficial, but without regular exercise to complement this, your detoxing efforts won’t be as effective.

Reduce your white flour and white sugar intake

White flour isn’t good for your digestive system and can lead to numerous digestive disorders, along with abnormal bowel movements. Luckily there are plenty of substitutes for white flour out there, including quinoa flour, buckwheat flour, spelt flour, kamut flour, cornmeal and more.

You might meal prep your lunches with white bread already, if so switch to whole grain breads instead. You’ll get the fibre needed to better move waste through your digestive tract, which will
support your detox process.

Also, white sugar and other artificial sweeteners can contain more toxins for your body to fight, avoid these by choosing natural sugars instead, such as honey, coconut sugar, stevia, or maple syrup.

Other delicious detox options

As well as the fundamental fruit and veg options, there is an abundance of alternative detox food choices out there, which can use as part of a healthy meal prep routine, to further drive those harmful toxins from your body.

Food such as brown rice, which is high in fibre, a natural source of vital vitamins and full of essential fatty acids. Garlic is off-putting to some, but if you’re a fan it’s chock full of antibacterial and antibiotic properties. Ginger is also a solid option for settling your stomach, as it can help digestion, reduce bloating, and even contains a large amount of antioxidants to improve your immune system.

Seeds and nuts all have nourishing nutrients, like omega 3 fatty acids, for healthy cell maintenance and good liver health. Wild salmon is also a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, to help promote detoxification. There’s enough detox food options to satisfy anyone’s taste, so make sure to include as many of these foods as possible when you’re prepping your meals, and start enjoying a heap of health benefits.

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