Should I Opt For A Low Fat Meal Plan or Keto?


If you’re looking to be the fittest you can be and improve your wellness and wellbeing, then your diet is the first place to start. Many opt for a low fat meal plan in order to kickstart their weight loss regime, and combine it with regular exercise to tone up and get as fit as possible.

There are plenty of low fat meal plans out there that are ideal for weight loss, and all offer tremendous health boosts. However, another popular weight loss meal plan that continues to make mainstream waves, is keto.

But keto is different… keto is all about upping your fat intake in order to hit your weight loss goals.

What does a low fat meal plan usually involve?

Generally we tend to consume about half our food calories as carbohydrates, with around a third coming from fats, and the rest from proteins. This serves as the recommended basis for a healthy well-balanced diet, at least for the majority of us.

Low fat meal plans and diets of course have an emphasis on reducing the amount of calories and energy we get from fats. Most will advise you to check the levels of fat displayed on the nutritional labels on food packages. These will show the number of grams of fat per serving, along with calories. These low fat meal plans will get you eating a variety of lower-fat foods in order to get the nutrients you need, while you head towards your weight loss goals.

A low fat weight loss meal plan will almost certainly include plenty of plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole-grains. These will be combined with small amounts of lean and low-fat, animal-based foods, such as meat, fish and dairy products. Alternatively, many weight loss meal prep plans can be boosted with other low-fat sources of protein, like beans, peas, tofu, or low-fat yogurt.

What makes Keto different?

The fundamental difference between keto and a low fat meal plan is simple. The keto diet is focused on cutting carbs and actually increasing your fat intake. Introduced back in the 1920s to help those suffering from seizures, the diet has become a very popular modern weight loss plan, with many now opting for it above other low fat weight loss meal plans. The diet essentially involves drastically reducing your daily intake of carbohydrates, in order to replace them with fat.

This induces a natural state in the body called ketosis, which sees the body build up acids known as ketones. These acids are then broken down from fats in the liver and effectively turned into the body’s primary energy source, which encourages the body to burn any stored fats.

Reaching this optimum level of ketosis and enhancing the body’s ability to burn fat promotes weight loss, naturally lowers blood sugar levels, and improves mental and physical performance, along with other health benefits.

When it comes to choosing a meal plan

In truth, whether you prefer to follow a low fat meal plan or you want to give keto a go, it’s down to your personal preference. Both methods of meal plans done right, combined with regular exercise and a reduction in the amount of calories you take in, can result in weight loss and other benefits for your body and mind.

The most important thing is that you get the freshest, most nutritious rich foods into your weight loss meal prep plans. Whether you’re cutting out foods with high fat, or you’re looking to get your keto diet plans off to a great start, you’ll need the right foods to achieve your goals no matter which diet you’re following.

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