I’ve achieved my weight loss goal – how do I keep it off?

Common reasons people regain weight

Regaining weight after reaching your goal weight is actually very common. If you’re worried about it happening to you, here are the three main reasons people regain weight…

Your diet was too restrictive

Going on a crash diet that severely limits your daily calorie intake isn’t only dangerous but can actually cause your metabolism to slow down and can irregulate your hormones – two very important factors in weight loss. These kinds of diets are not sustainable so when you go back to eating more calories, the weight will pile on.

You have the wrong mindset

Weight loss should be about improving your overall health long-term, rather than just a quick fix diet. If you’re trying to lose weight for the wrong reasons, you’ll be more likely to give up and gain back the weight you lost. A healthy balanced lifestyle that promotes good mental and physical health is the key to maintaining your weight loss!

Your habits aren’t sustainable

If you’re depriving yourself of things and getting by on sheer willpower you’re more likely to regain weight once you reach your goal. Big changes to your lifestyle that aren’t sustainable long-term will cause you to give up more easily. Instead, smaller changes you can maintain long-term will do the trick!

10 tips for maintaining weight loss

Looking for help maintaining your well-earned weight loss? Here are some useful tips you should know:

 1. Exercise helps – stay as active as you can!
 2. Try and get enough sleep each night – adequate sleep is key for weight loss and if you’re tired and sluggish you won’t want to exercise and you’ll turn to junk food
3. Make time to de-stress – hormone imbalance due to stress can cause overeating and fat storage, try yoga or meditation apps
4. Keep things fresh – try new recipes, foods and workouts to keep life interesting!
5. Stay mindful of your weight – check in with yourself once a fortnight but don’t become a slave to the scales, fluctuation is normal
6. Set yourself goals – small wins, such as a faster 5km or just achieving a 5km can help keep you motivated
7. Plan ahead – meal prep can be a great way of sticking to your nutrition/calorie goal
8. Allow yourself small treats – a beer or a cake at the weekend isn’t going to pile all the weight back on, so don’t deprive yourself of small treats
9. Get support – engage with the weight loss community whether that’s online or in group support
10. Don’t be too hard on yourself – if you gain a little bit of weight don’t beat yourself up and fall into a shame spiral. These do more harm than good. Just make a commitment to make positive changes moving forward.

Prep Perfect athlete Vicky Hadley has the following advice:

“The best way to come out of a fat loss transformation once you’ve achieved your goal weight is to reverse diet. This means slowly upping your calories rather than jumping straight back to your original way of eating.

By doing it this way you won’t gain body fat but will speed up your metabolism and find a happy maintenance level; in which you can enjoy food as a balanced lifestyle rather than in a binging or restricted way that can lead to short term weight gain or weight loss.”

Prep Perfect can help you achieve your goals long-term

Our weight loss meal plans can help you achieve your target weight and our maintenance meal plans can help keep you there! Calorie controlled but with no compromise on taste we make it easy for you to achieve and maintain your goals through food prep.

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