Indoor vs Outdoor Exercise: What Are The Benefits?

Gyms are open, outdoor exercise classes are back, summer is well on its way…we’re officially free to do whatever we like when it comes to working out, so why not switch up your routine? Whether you usually prefer hitting the weight section at the gym or running through the countryside, we’re going to take you through the benefits of both indoor and outdoor exercise to get you pumped for your next workout. 

The Benefits Of Outdoor Workouts

  • It’s a mood booster 

Working out in the fresh air and sunshine is a huge boost for your mental health.  Simply getting outside for a change of scenery and some Vitamin D can help regulate your mood; throw in some exercise and you’re bound to feel good. 

  • It’s free 

Gym memberships can get pretty expensive and outdoor exercise doesn’t cost a penny. Having a kick-about with your friends, going for a run, playing basketball; they’re all fun activities that don’t require a fee or any fancy equipment.

  • Helps lower blood pressure

Studies have found that outdoor workouts can help lower your blood pressure and heart rate, making the exercise feel less strenuous than if you were to do it indoors.

  • A chance to work out with your friends

Although you can obviously work out with a friend at the gym, it can sometimes get too crowded to be able catch up properly. Arrange to meet with someone you haven’t seen for a while at the local park and you’ll find the workout will fly by. 

The Benefits Of Indoor Workouts

  • There’s plenty of opportunities to try something new 

When you join a gym, you’ll likely have access to a range of their classes. From spin to zumba, book yourself in for a few sessions to see if any of them have the potential to become part of your routine. And if you’re working out at home, there’s so many free workouts for you to try on YouTube. Check out some of our favourites here. 

  • Access to equipment 

No matter your fitness goals, you have all the equipment you could ever need in a gym. Weights, leg presses, cardio machines, squat racks, battle ropes – it’s all there in one place to make getting through your workout all the easier. 

  • You’re motivated by others 

In a room full of people smashing their personal bests, it’s hard not to feel buzzed about your own workout. Though you might not be feeling up to exercising that particular day, getting to the gym and seeing your peers enjoying their workouts is incredibly motivating. 

  • Less Distractions 

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re exercising outside. Working out with a friend on a sunny day can quickly turn into an impromptu picnic, so if you’re looking to get in a quick and intense workout, heading to the gym is probably your best option.
Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor person, regular exercise along with a nutritious diet can improve your mood, sleep, and general health. Check out our exciting range of meal plans that are tailored to you and your goals.