How Important Is Breakfast?

Basically breakfast has always been heralded as the most essential meal of the day, but the nutrition world is constantly asked the question: Just how important is breakfast? Many consider it a must for better overall health and weight management, but others aren’t so sure and regularly skip it.

With this in mind, we want to take a look at how important the first meal of the day can be, by going through some of the reasons that make eating breakfast beneficial…

Controlling your weight

Skipping meals is a method many people adopt when trying to lose some weight, but missing out on breakfast may do more harm than good when trying to cut calories. By not eating at all in the morning, food choices may be negatively affected later in the day, and unhealthy snacks will perhaps become more tempting when the body is crying out for calories at lunch.  

Having a strong substantial breakfast first thing in the morning can help kick start your metabolism, by inducing thermogenesis through the body digesting and storing the food. Waking the body’s metabolism up early will help keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the rest of the day. Not to mention the fact that constantly skipping a morning meal will increase the production of insulin, causing the body to store more fat.

Enhanced energy and concentration

A lack of a meal in the morning will lead to a decrease in energy levels, due to having not taken any energy in since the evening meal the night before. This will result in less glycogen in the body, which is needed for muscles and the brain to work efficiently. Concentration, alertness and overall mood will be negatively affected – and headaches, stomach pains and other discomforts are likely.

Consuming a healthy well-balanced breakfast will help avoid fatigue and keep your energy levels high. Packing it full of whole grains, low-fat proteins and dairy, along with plenty of fruits and mixed vegetables will improve productivity, concentration and focus.

A needed nutritional boost

Waking up with a breakfast that’s well balanced – again with ingredients such as whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables – can give the body a quick hit of many necessary nutrients.

Everyone requires a minimum amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber, calories and fat, to keep everything functioning as it should. By eating a well prepared breakfast, packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals in the morning, the body can get the best start in meeting its daily nutritional requirements.

Foods like eggs and oatmeals, as well as smoothies can be incorporated into a breakfast regime, providing plenty of healthy nutrition.

Counter argument

Even though there is an argument that breakfast can help boost metabolism, in reality the extra energy from eating well in the mornings, may just encourage more physical activity during the rest of the day – and exercise can definitely improve metabolism.

As mentioned, skipping breakfast is associated with weight gain, due to encouraging less healthy meal choices at lunch. But eating breakfast won’t actually protect against obesity – it can be integral to a healthy lifestyle, as long it’s balanced with exercise and eating well throughout the whole day.

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