5 ways that a meal prep delivery service will change your life

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Meal prep has never been bigger: currently there are over 13 million posts on Instagram are devoted to #mealprep, and for those of us who’ve embraced meal prep, the benefits really can be life changing.

From eating more healthily to saving you time and stress wondering what to eat, meal prep – and in particular, meal prep delivery – can have a hugely positive impact on your daily life.

Meal prep means preparing food ahead of time so you aren’t popping to the supermarket every night after work, or ordering a last-minute takeaway because there’s nothing in the fridge. Meal prep usually entails prepping healthy meals for the next three to five days as a way to ensure there is always a healthy, nutritious meal ready to go. The thing that puts a lot of people off meal prep is that it takes time, planning, and a lot of Tupperware!
However, by using a meal prep delivery service, you can get all the benefits of meal prep without any of the work involved. A meal prep service does the hard work for you, with a range of fully prepped, balanced meals that are ready to order. Simply select your meals for the week, then sit back and wait for them to arrive. 

If you’re new to meal prep but are considering giving it a go, then here are our top 5 ways that meal prep can change your life…

1. Less food stress

We’ve all experienced the total mind-block that comes with planning meals for the week: it’s so hard to think what to shop for and cook, and even more difficult to come up with inspiration if you’re trying to eat healthily. Then you have to make the shopping list and head out to the supermarket, and that’s all before you’ve even started cooking!

A meal prep service totally reduces the stress of food planning and cooking. Instead of having to think about what you’re going to buy for the week, it’s as simple as going online, scrolling through a tempting menu of delicious meals, and selecting your food for the week. These meals then arrive to you fully-prepared, ready to heat up and enjoy!

The days of thinking what to cook every night, or what to pack for work the next day really can be a thing of the past!

2. Healthy, nutritionally-balanced eating

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Most of us have ambitions to eat more healthily and regularly make the effort to prepare food which is good for us. But sometimes it feels like eating a nutritious diet is just too difficult: maybe you don’t know which foods to choose, or maybe you don’t have time to shop for and cook healthy meals from scratch every day.

Using a meal prep service is a sure-fire way to know that you’re getting all the right nutrients in your food and that everything you eat will be beneficial to your body. A meal prep service such as Prep Perfect will ensure that their meals are all nutritionally balanced, as well as having options to suit your specific health and fitness needs, such as Weight Loss, Maintenance, Low Carb or Muscle Gain.

Eating well helps to build muscle, combat tiredness, and makes skin and hair look healthier. The benefits are clear, but planning and cooking healthy meals every day can seem like a mountain to climb. If this is the case for you, a meal prep delivery service really could change your life!

3. Meal prep helps support weight loss

We’ve all made an after-work supermarket dash when we’re already hungry and come out laden with ready meals, crisps, and cakes. Just as we’ve all realised the fridge is empty on a mid-week evening and decided to just order a pizza! But if a healthy, delicious option was ready and waiting for you at home, the chance of you turning to unhealthier options would significantly decrease. This is the reason why using a meal prep service can really help with weight loss.

Having convenient, nutritionally-balanced food readily available stops you reaching for the snacks or high-calorie options. Plus, if you choose the right meal prep service you also won’t feel as if you’re on a diet (because everyone knows that diets are very hard to stick to!) Prep Perfect is a meal prep service which believes healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. Their regularly-changing menu of delicious meals means that eating a nutritious diet will never leave you feeling bored or hungry.

Some meal prep services offer specifically-tailored weight loss plans to really help you achieve weight loss goals. Also, it’s worth remembering that meal prep doesn’t just have to be for dinner times either: meal prep services will also provide breakfast, lunch, and snack options, helping to reduce the need for high-calorie desk lunches or unhealthy snacking throughout the day.

4. Reduced food waste

We’re all mindful of the environment right now and ways that we can improve the way we live, with reducing food waste being a big part of this.

A recent report  found that the average family wastes approximately £800 worth of edible food every year. That’s a pretty shocking statistic, but not unbelievable when you think of how much food you probably throw away each week: those half-full bags of lettuce leaves lurking in the salad drawer, or the bread that’s gone out of date. Plus, if you live alone or in a couple, sometimes the amount of food in a packet is just too much- you’ll typically use some of it, but not be able to find a use for the rest.

Meal prep delivery cuts down on all this waste. The meals are perfectly proportioned to provide everything you need in terms of nutrition, as well as being the ideal portion size to keep you full. And because every meal arrives ready to go, there is no waste at all.

5. Helps with budgeting

Again, probably one that we’re all very mindful of right now! We all know that doing a big weekly shop can be a cheaper option when compared to popping to the supermarket every night: that can really add up!

But even when we do a weekly shop, we’ll invariably end up buying things we don’t actually need, or don’t end up eating. Plus, unless we’re very strict with our budget, it’s difficult to know exactly what we’ll spend each week, especially with supermarket prices on the rise right now.

With a meal prep service, you will have complete clarity on what you’re spending on food for the week, or the month. This makes it much easier to budget, as you’ll know exactly what is going to come out of your account each week on meals.

If you think it’s about time that you experienced the benefits of meal prep for yourself, the best place to start is by checking out a meal prep delivery service. Whatever your needs- whether weight loss, muscle gain, healthy eating, or just wanting to change up your food routine a bit- a meal prep service really can change your life!