5 fitness trends that are already making waves in 2021

It’s always hard to predict what will be happening in a few months, as 2020 proves, it’s difficult to know what’s right around the corner! When it comes to fitness though it appears as though some trends are already getting a great deal of traction this year. It’s only February but we’ve got 5 of the top trends for you to keep in kind, right here…

#1 There will be more of a focus on mental health & fitness

Studies have shown that people doing home workouts have increased dramatically over the lockdown periods. The pandemic has been tough on everyone, both physically and mentally. We’ve had a year of economic stress, which has made being mindful more difficult than ever before. Now there’s a renewed fervour in focusing on not just people’s physical fitness, but their mental fitness too. This includes practicing meditation, taking part in online talking therapies, getting more sleep and keeping in touch with those closest to you whenever possible. 

#2 More of an awareness on breathing

Unsurprisingly a respiratory disease spreading across the world and a focus on mandatory mask-wearing has sparked a huge focus on people’s breathing. In fact, practicing controlled breathing techniques has become a trend over the last few months, as these techniques bring with them a number of positive health and performance benefits. From reducing anxiety to delaying fatigue. One of the most popular and beneficial techniques is belly breathing, as this is easy to do and extremely relaxing.

To do this technique, simply sit or lie flat in a comfortable position and place one of your hands on your belly. Put the other hand on your chest, take a deep breath inwards through your nose. As you do this, allow your belly to push your hand out, while your chest remains still. Then breathe out slowly through pursed lips as if you were almost whistling. Use your hand to slowly push down on your belly as you breathe out, pushing all the air out. Repeat as many times as you like until you feel totally relaxed and at ease. 

#3 Exercise becoming a preventive medicine

The vaccine is being distributed, but until we all get the jab, exercise is at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to defending ourselves against illness, perhaps more than ever before. There’s certainly a renewed emphasis this year on the health part of health and fitness for sure. Exercise will once again be seen, even by those who only exercised infrequently in the past, as one of the best preventative steps to take to reducing the risk and incidence of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. 

#4 People will drink less by hydrate much more

Of course the whole 8 glasses of water a day rule isn’t really relevant, as hydration really all depends on you as an individual. Plus, without electrolytes, you won’t be getting the most out of your hydration methods. Electrolytes are minerals found in your blood, which work to regulate and better control the balance of fluids in your body. They play a pivotal role in regulating blood pressure, muscle contraction and keeping your system functioning. The 3 main electrolytes are sodium, potassium and magnesium. Electrolyte drinks will definitely become even more popular this year, as home workouts become more and more prevalent, people will need to proactive primal hydration to perform at their best. 

#5 Wellness will rule the home

Our homes may have felt akin to prisons during these difficult times, but now many are turning their thoughts to unfinished DIY and ideas to optimise their homes for wellness. Whether this is creating a meditative space, adding more plants for better air purification, or just opting for a new calming paint colour in your living room, people are transforming their living spaces into wellness centres. It seems that the various lockdowns have made us appreciate the value of our outdoor and indoor spaces, a whole lot more.