5 Easy Exercises You Can Do to Relieve Stress & Anxiety Without the Gym

Exercise is essential for maintaining an active lifestyle, fighting disease, as well as improving memory and mental health. For many, treatments such as medication and therapy can be effective when it comes to fighting anxiety and depression.

However, physical exercise is often overlooked when it comes to changing our overall mood and treating our mental health. The physical body and mind are always connected, so it makes perfect sense that regular exercise has the power to not only reduce the feelings of anxiety and depression, but to actually induce feelings of wellbeing and happiness.

It may not be the only remedy, but exercise plays a pivotal role in controlling your mood when anxiety and depression tries to seep into your life. So it’s hugely important to incorporate some sort of workout into your daily routine whenever you can. With this mind we’ve got 5 easy exercises you can do to give your happiness-inducing workouts a boost…

1 – Yoga

It can be argued that yoga is the ultimate stress busting relaxation exercise. With its focus on deep breaths, body control, and internal meditative reflection, it’s a perfect recipe for calmness.

Making time for regular yoga sessions will not only have positive effects on your body in the short term, it’ll help heal the mind in the long term. Yoga can help keep your anxiety in check, and reduce feelings of depression, anger, and other neurotic symptoms.

2 – Dancing

Never underestimate the power of moving your body to some upbeat music, in a fun-filled setting, surrounded by friends or family. Dancing can sound daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re salsa dancing with a partner, taking an aerobic dance class, or just enjoying moving to some music in the comfort of your own home, dancing can be an amazing way to shake off anxiety.

Why not go to a class? In addition to being physically active, you’ll also get to express yourself through movement, reinforcing the connection between body and mind.

3 – Strength & resistance training

Strength and resistance training is of course associated with building muscle and improving endurance. Using anything from free weights, to weight machines, or even your own weight, to challenge and strengthen your body. This type of training can also have hugely beneficial effects on your mental health.

Regular resistance training can not only reduce stress and promote your self-esteem and overall feelings of wellbeing, it can help to regulate your sleeping pattern as well. Getting better sleep is strongly associated with reducing anxiety. With this training, you’re not just building muscles to strengthen your body, you’re strengthening your mind to resist excessive feelings of worry, stress and anxiety.

4 – Tai Chi

Originating from China, this combination of martial arts and meditative movements is becoming increasingly popular as a form of regular exercise. Due to the fact that the workout involves concentration, balance, relaxation and controlled breathing, it’s easy to see why it can play a huge part in improving your overall mood.

Tai chi is such a gentle exercise that blends movement and mindfulness that it’s perfectly matched to suppress panic and strengthen the mind and body’s connection. People who practice tai chi will almost certainly show improvement when dealing with anxiety and stress management.

5 – Running

Running sounds like the simplest one of all, but don’t let this make you underestimate how effective going for a quick run or jog can be when you’re feeling down. By running in a regular basis you’ll release endorphins, the natural chemicals in your body that promote feelings of euphoria.

The effects of going for a jog aren’t just short-term. As well as burning calories, lowering your risk of heart disease and reducing those food cravings, you’ll alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress by promoting the release of mood boosting chemicals. Plus, the repetitive motion appears to have a meditative effect on the brain, adding further benefits to your mental health.

These regular exercises can help you on your journey to overcoming stress and anxiety in your life, especially when combined with a healthy, well balanced diet of fresh and nutritiously rich meals.

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