5 Dance Workouts You Need To Try

Even though the gyms have reopened, you might not be feeling up to going back just yet. And that’s okay! There’s plenty of exercises you can do from the comfort of your home, and we’ve recently discovered the pure joy that dance workouts bring. Whether you’re a complete novice or take every opportunity to bust some moves, you can’t help but smile when your personal dance instructor takes centre stage on your TV. Here’s some of our all-time favourite dance workouts you definitely need to try. 

The Fitness Marshall

Positive and full of energy, The Fitness Marshall choreographs dances to the latest songs in the charts. Though the moves are relatively easy to grasp, you’ll have plenty of fun listening to his words of encouragement like “lip-syncing burns calories!” and “hey besties! let’s do the best friend dance”. His dances are available on Youtube for free, where you can create a playlist of your favourite videos and dance like nobody’s watching for 30 minutes or so. If you find yourself falling in love with The Fitness Marshall dances, you can also sign up to his monthly subscription, where you’ll get access to weekly hour-long livestreams and bonus content. 

Kyra Pro – Mamma Mia Dance Workout

You are the dancing queen, young and sweet… It’s impossible to not sing-along when following Kyra’s full body cardio to the Mamma Mia musical soundtrack. Though this video focuses more on getting your cardio in than perfecting the dance moves, her smile is infectious and your 20 minutes exercise will absolutely fly by. Kyra also incorporates moves like squats and lateral lunges and jazzes them up to help keep exercise fun when you’re lacking motivation. You can find her Mamma Mia dance workout on Youtube, along with low-impact alternative dances to your favourite musicals.

MadFit One Direction 15 Minute Dance Party

It’s One Direction. It’s a dance party. And it’s only 15 minutes. What more could you want?! We love Maddie’s commitment to making working out exciting. Her simple dance moves to One Direction’s upbeat tracks will keep you grinning the entire time, helping you forget about the inevitable sweat and muscle aches. Her Youtube channel has plenty of other dance workouts to choose from as well as HIIT and weight training sessions. 


Some of POPSUGAR’s most popular videos are their dance workouts, and it’s easy to see why. You can get your workout in, learn a new form of dance, and shake off the day’s worries all in the space of 30 minutes. POPSUGAR stands out to us as they often invite professionals in to create a dance workout video that will get your heart pumping but is easy to follow along. And if you’re finding it difficult to keep up with the main instructor, there’s always another dancer on screen who offers a low-impact alternative. 

Emkfit – The Greatest Showman HIIT Dance Workout

HIIT is never easy, but it’s definitely made all the easier when you have The Greatest Showman soundtrack blasting in the background. Emily’s explosive moves follow some of the movie’s choreography, making the whole routine feel as though you’re right there practicing on set. She’s super supportive and encourages you to push yourself, but also offers low-impact alternatives if jumping isn’t for you.