4 Healthy Habits For Your Family To Live By

We all want to have a superfit family that keeps active and eats healthily, but it can be a difficult prospect to fathom. Let’s face it, the idea of a fruit-for-dessert, cabbage craving household seems like a far-fetched prospect for most of us right?

But in reality it’s easier than you might think to get you and your family living a healthier, more active lifestyle. There’s a fair few tips and tricks that many fit families out there have adopted into their daily routines, and we’ve got some here that you can borrow to keep your brood in wholesome form.

Sort out snacktime

Many of us want to grab a quick snack every now and again, and family members will often be raiding the fridge or cupboards when they’re feeling low on energy after a full day. This can be the perfect opportunity to make healthier food choices conveniently accessible, by putting them within reach when someone fancies a snack.

Consider rejigging the fridge, with more nutritious rich snacks, like veggies, hummus, almonds and fruits. You don’t have to expel cookies and cakes entirely, just make alternatives such as Low-fat frozen yogurt and baby carrots more readily available. Encourage familiarity and healthy eating, by making these alternatives just as convenient as sugary snacks.

Get excited about exercise

It’s important to get regular exercise, but it doesn’t have to take up all of your time, especially during a busy working week. In fact, all your family needs is about 20 minutes of exercise a day to keep good health and fitness on track.

Stick with simple, short and convenient daily workout goals, and try fun activity ideas like jumping rope and dancing together, to ensure your family feels excited when exercising. Come up with a little list of easy physical activities everyone enjoys doing together, and keep adding to it as your family thinks of new activities.

Eat and talk food together

Children in the family will of course be heavily influenced by you – so when you start cooking and consuming healthy foods, they’ll be more likely to start eating healthy foods themselves. They will need you to show them the importance of eating different food groups to ensure their bodies receive the various vitamins and minerals they need.

Try to avoid using unhealthy snacks as a reward for good behavior, as rewarding good deeds
with something that isn’t particularly nutritious will promote the idea that healthy food isn’t as appealing as junk food. Take your family shopping for healthy foods, create menus that include nutritious options everyone enjoys. Show your family that healthy foods can be just as tasty and desirable.

Family mealtime can be the ideal opportunity to discuss healthy eating habits and engage your children in conversations about what a healthy meal looks and tastes like. Eating at home more often will also give you more control over the food your family is consuming, its nutritious value and portion size.

Making meal prep a family activity is a must

Another hugely important aspect of creating healthy habits for your family is meal prep, specifically meal prep that you all do together. That’s right, getting everyone more involved in the cooking process, and the general preparing of family meals, is a great way to promote healthy eating habits.

Involving them in all aspects of meal prep will encourage them to start to learn and take more of an interest in healthy food choices. Even before you get to the kitchen, take your children shopping with you and get them to read labels and put together recipes to try together later.

Your family will always need guidance and by allowing them to participate in meal prep and be a part of the cooking process, you’ll make healthy eating less of a chore and more a fun filled family activity.

Need some extra help?

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