4 Healthy Cultural Eating Habits Everyone Can Borrow

There’s a wide variety of interesting and unique diets from different cultures all over the world, and many of the countries that favour these healthy eating habits have a much lower rate of chronic disease and obesity.

It all boils down to what people eat and drink, and how they do it. Most of the cultural eating habits have an emphasis on consuming plenty of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. Many offer new flavours and ingredients, or different ways of consuming certain foods altogether.

It’s easy to borrow from anyone of the healthy cultural eating habits out there, so to help you out we’ve put together 4 great examples…

Greece – make use of the Mediterranean diet

By now most people are aware of the benefits that the Mediterranean diet can bring to your health and overall fitness and eating like a Greek islander is still just as popular. The Greek eating habits encourage the consumption of plenty of fish and seafood, which are rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

As well as dishes containing feta cheese, cucumber slices and olive oil, all taken in moderation of course – traditional Mediterranean cuisine also only includes small amounts of meat. Veggies, grains, fruits and legumes all add to the rich nutritious profile of this traditional diet. Plus it’s hard to resist a honey-sweetened Greek yogurt as a healthy dessert alternative.

Ethiopia – Inject your diet with injera

Typical Ethiopian cuisine has a focus on root vegetables, beans, and lentils. It also commonly includes the traditional Ethiopian flatbread, injera.

Injera is the national dish, made out of teff flour and the slightly spongy flatbread is very high in fiber, whilst containing plenty of protein and vitamin C. Ethiopians often eat from shared dishes scooped up with injera. The teff grain is considered to be very healthy, containing the essential amino acid, Lysine, which increases the body’s absorption of calcium and helps to lower cholesterol. Teff is also gluten-free.

Sweden – Try some rye

Scandinavian cultural eating habits tend to steer away from vegetables, and their more traditional dishes like smoked salmon, can include quite a bit of salt. However, their cuisine still contains some healthy elements.

One particular example is rye bread in Sweden, which is massively popular in many Swedish diets. Rye bread is wheat-free and high in fiber, much more so than any alternative breeds. This can not only keep you feeling fuller, it can be very beneficial for alleviating any bloating and discomfort. It also has a much lower glycemic index than ordinary white flour, which can help control blood sugar levels.

Italy – Dine with some wine

Okay, so this one’s not strictly eating – but the Italians love a glass of wine with their meals. In fact wine is an integral part of traditional Italian culture, with every region in the country having its own typical wine. Their meal tables are generally considered bear without a bottle of the red or white stuff.

They may be onto something though, as research indicates that moderate wine consumption, particularly red wine, can have numerous health benefits. As well as giving your immune system a boost, wine contains an abundance of antioxidants that can help keep the body heart healthy.

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