Why it’s absolutely fine to indulge a little over Christmas

The holiday season comes with it’s fair share of temptation when it comes to food! Before you know it, warnings about weight gain are like mince pies… they feel like they’re everywhere! 

However, you shouldn’t feel guilty about indulging yourself a little over the Christmas period, because giving yourself permission to eat a little more during this time can actually help you control your weight long-term. 

Don’t feel guilty about enjoying yourself

If you let yourself get taken over with feelings of guilt for eating foods you love over the holiday season, then this ends up becoming very counterproductive. Negative and guilty feelings actually lead to poor weight management overall.

Instead, you should focus on acknowledging that it’s Christmas, and come to terms with the fact that you’re allowed to give yourself a break and eat a little more. You don’t have to lose sleep over some indulgence. We’re not saying to eat every mince pie, along with the whole turkey yourself, but being indulgent a few times this month is not going to lead to substantial weight gain.

Have an indulgence strategy

Research has shown that people don’t actually pack on as much weight over Christmas as is widely believed. However, if you over indulge, there’s a good chance those extra few pounds will soon add up. And once you’ve started gaining significantly more weight, it’s then difficult to stop. 

This is why it’s essential to have a strategy in place when you’re surrounded by tempting foods over the holidays. The key thing to focus on at all times of course – is moderation.

Instead of promising yourself that you’re going to skip some meals or steer clear of a specific food group like desserts, put a plan in place to have one or two of these then stop. Plus, in order to counter the extra calories your intaking over Christmas, make sure you keep active, or even increase your activity. Adding just ten more minutes to a quick workout, or taking a longer walk daily, can work wonders.

Make sure you set yourself a plan that’s realistic; because if you aim too high, put too much pressure on yourself, and are too restrictive with what you eat, you’re likely to fail. If you deprive yourself too much when it comes to the foods you really enjoy, it’s likely to trigger overeating. You’re more likely to go from refusing to have any dessert at all, to suddenly having two or three portions.

January will arrive with the inevitable dieting and workout advertisements, which is why it’s important not to go too extreme or drastic with your eating habits after Christmas. As this will only set you up for failure in the long-run. Being really strict and harsh on yourself is likely to leave you feeling miserable and result in binging.

Put that holiday season plan in place. Find that middle ground of moderation that will let you indulge yourself, not deprive yourself, and feel good about yourself this Christmas – after all, you deserve to feel good.