We Debunk The Common Misconceptions About Meal Prep

Healthy meal prep is more popular than ever, and many people have now started reaping the nutritious benefits of planning ahead. You’ve no doubt heard of the benefits too and are ready to start eating well and feeling better throughout the week.

However, you may have some reservations in regards to meal prepping. Perhaps you’re anxious about jumping into something new, or maybe you’ve heard that it’s somehow complicated, overwhelming and stressful – don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Whether you’re considering doing your own meal prep, or taking advantage of a healthy meal prep delivery service, you’ll likely come across plenty of myths that can end up really tempering your enthusiasm. With this in mind, we wanted to go through some of the biggest  misconceptions about meal prep, to highlight how simple and seamless it can be.


Meal prep takes up too much time  

One of the most prevalent misconceptions regarding meal prep, is that it’s too complicated and takes up a lot of your time. Sure if you currently don’t do any cooking and are starting from scratch with a load of cookbooks and no process to guide you, then it’s going to take forever. However, instead of setting out to create a complicated meal plan, just think about making a loose map to follow, with just the right amount of structure to get you started. Even if you think meal prepping would still eat into your hectic schedule, then meal prep delivery can be the ideal solution.


Healthy meals aren’t as tasty

We all crave the allure of that sweet, salty and fatty flavoured hit from junk food, and it can be all to easy to think that choosing the healthy option means sacrificing that delicious taste. But healthy meal prep delivery or meal prep that you do yourself can actually ignite your taste buds like never before. It’s all about the ingredients you choose, and the recipes you decide to put together. It’s important to try something new, along with different seasonings and spices. You’ll soon find out that the world of healthy food is far more delicious than you thought.


Shopping sessions will become overwhelming

How often have you gone to the shop and wandered around without a plan, not really knowing what you came to buy, and just ended up picking whatever looked interesting? You get home and wonder what to actually do with the food you’ve bought, and sometimes end up throwing stuff out because you didn’t end up using it. Now consider going shopping with a meal prep plan in place. You’ll know exactly what you came to buy, and how much of a certain ingredient you’ll need. Before long your shopping sessions will actually become shorter, less frequent, and much more cost efficient.


Prepared meals will lose their taste and spoil quickly

It’s easy to think that meal prep will mean that the food you prepare will quickly lose its fresh taste, and even spoil before you get the chance to eat it all. However, the most important determining factor of taste and freshness always comes down to the actual preparation. If you use the freshest and healthiest ingredients for your meals, then your food quality will stay edible for longer, and keep its great taste. It’s also important to wrap up your prepped food properly, using things such as aluminum foil, plastic bags and airtight containers. Allow freshly cooked food to cool down before placing it in the fridge.


It involves eating the same meals constantly

Another common misconception about meal prep is that you’ll easily fall into the cycle of eating the same meals everyday. But the truth is, there’s an endless amount of healthy and easy to use recipes out there. If you stick to the fundamental building blocks for a balanced diet, including proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Then you’ll soon discover that there’s an infinite number of different meals you can make. Even if you’re interested in a more vegetarian or vegan focused meal prep plan, you won’t ever find yourself short of variety.


It’s too difficult planning seven meals a week

You may be worried that meal prepping would feel like another tiresome chore, and this is mainly due to the misconception that every meal plan needs to be for the entire week. However, this isn’t the case at all because for most people, constantly planning seven days worth of meals is an impossible standard. So don’t be discouraged, instead focus on two or three meals to start with. Experiment with the amount that really works for you, and that is sustainable in your weekly routine. Or you can alway opt for a healthy meal prep delivery service to make up the extra meals per week that you simply can’t squeeze in yourself.

At Prep Perfect, we’re here to make sure you hit all of your dietary health and fitness goals. Don’t worry if you just can’t fit in all the necessary preparation at home, we offer tailored meal prep plans suitable for those who want the freshest and most nutritious meals every week.