Vegan Meal Prep Tips

Vegan meal prep can be hugely beneficial, especially if you’re getting tired of your plant-based cooking every night. Investing some time at the weekend to prepare some healthy vegan meals can make the world of difference to your week.

When your nutritious meals are prepared and ready to go, you’ll be amazed at how much easier your working week can feel. So, if you’re ready to get on board the vegan meal prep train, we’ve got some tips to keep you on the right track…

First, the benefits

Before we get into some tips for making your vegan meal prep easier, we wanted to highlight some of the benefits, including:

– Saving yourself time by prepping ingredients and having meals ready to go during the week, resulting in less time in the kitchen and less time cleaning up.
– Saving money by only buying the ingredients you need, along with reducing your food waste.
– Promoting healthier eating habits at home and away, with good food ready to go.
– Getting better access to a balanced vegan diet, by avoiding processed convenience foods.
– Reducing stress of the working week by preparing ingredients or meals ahead of time.

Start with whole grains

Making use of whole grains as part of your vegan meal prep to make sure that you’re including the right kinds of carbs into your meals.

Healthy whole grains can provide a good base for a wide variety of nutritious vegan meals, or they can simply bulk up lighter options, like salads. Brown rice, corn and quinoa (which is technically a seed) are just a few great examples. Whole grains can provide plenty of B vitamins, minerals like iron, magnesium, selenium, and they’re always full of fiber.

Make sure to cook yourself up a batch as part of your food prep for the week. Keep in mind that brown rice will take the longest, often taking up to an hour. Whereas something like couscous can take as little as ten minutes. There’s an abundance of grains to choose from and you can always switch things up with buckwheat, farro or amaranth.
Preparing for a healthy lunch

Pre-making your lunchtime meals is of course a major part of any effective weekly meal prep. Sometimes you can get away with delicious dinner leftovers from the previous night, but most of the time you need to discipline yourself into getting those packed lunches ready.

The best thing you can possibly do is make a solid plan. Get a list together of your favourite vegan foods, and then select simple recipes that you can quickly make lots of. It’s best to decide what you’d like to eat for every lunchtime meal and snack at the start of the week.

There are plenty of quick, easy, and healthy vegan lunch options out there. From simple soups and salads, to vegan stir-fries and even tofu. You can always add extras like beans, nuts and seeds, alongside your whole grains and raw veggies.

Always save your plans for future weeks, as this will help you build up those vegan meal prep menus, then you can start rotating them to keep things fresh and interesting.

Minimise those impulses

It’s important to not let those junk food temptations sneak into your shopping basket when your gathering your vegan meal prep ingredients for the week. By not having any, or having very little unhealthy snacks at home, you won’t have to put as big of a strain on your willpower to avoid munching them when you get peckish.

If you must make an impulse purchase, try to choose something that you can fit into your overall vegan meal prep plan. Just make sure you keep these purchases to a minimum and stick to your prepared list as much as possible, to avoid waste and save money of course.

Stay simple

When preparing all your healthy vegan food all at once, always remember to keep things as simple as possible. Remember, meal prep is designed to make your life easier, not more complicated.

Even when it comes to creating snacks, choose ingredients that only take a small amount of time to put together. Focus on fresh fruit and pre-cut veggies, like carrot sticks alongside some prepared hummus and dips. It’ll make it so much easier to stick to your new nutritious diet by having easy snacks on hand at all times, to help you avoid getting too hungry and making poor eating choices.

>h2>Keep mixing things up

Although it’s tempting to eat the same meals every day as part of your vegan meal prep plan, you’ll soon find yourself getting fed up. So it’s important to keep mixing things up and don’t be afraid to get creative with your meal prep recipes. Try having at least two different lunch and dinner options at first, with a mixture of grains, proteins, and vegetables.

Try using different herbs and spices to enhance your plant-based cooking, to add a little extra flavour to make your hearty meals more appealing. Kick your vegan dishes into a higher gear with some paprika, cumin, or chipotle powder.

You could experiment with how you actually cook your vegan foods. Try grilling, roasting or even braising to bring new and exciting flavours out in your foods. Once you get used to being more creative, your vegan meal prep will never get dull.

Invest in containers

Sounds obvious, but it’s important to set aside a small investment in food containers of various sizes to suit your needs, so that you have something to store all your vegan meal prep goodness.

Mason jars can work fine, or Pyrex dishes with lids, also if you use plastic containers, ensure that they are BPA-free to avoid them melting in the microwave or dishwasher. You could even consider getting an insulated bag to make it easier to carry around your vegan meals everywhere you go.

Keep focused on your goals

Remind yourself that all of this healthy vegan meal prep is for a purpose. By having all your lunch and dinners, and even your breakfasts ready to go for the week, you’ll be far less tempted to order takeout or grab some fast food.

By making sure that you do your vegan meal prep either ahead of time or just a few days at a time, you’ll not only help yourself to stick to your healthy meal plans, but you’ll also ensure that you reach all your health and fitness goals.

Meal prep can be made even easier

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