Top 5 Foods To Boost Your Immune System During Winter

Keeping your immune system in order during the harsh winter months can be tricky, especially with a busy lifestyle.

Avoiding those horrible winter colds and that debilitating flu is a must, and there are certain nutrient rich foods you can easily slip into your regular diet, that will help you give your body a much needed boost.

Plan your meals to include these nutrients to keep your body fighting flu, and your immune system on point.

Essential citrus

Citrus fruit is in season and can be a quick and easy way to help with your body’s winter defenses. It’s one of nature’s best sources of vitamin C, which is a key nutrient for building up a stronger immune system.  

Vitamin C is thought to aid in the production of white blood cells, which are essential to fighting foreign bacteria, infections and viruses.

The main citrus fruits to consider include – pink grapefruits, which can provide antioxidants that fight cellular damage, and keep you well hydrated with high water and fiber content. Oranges are also loaded with vitamin C, and can help regulate blood pressure by providing high amounts of potassium.

Clementines, lemons and limes, are also all top citrus choices, and with a good variety to choose from, it’s easy to get that vital vitamin C into your body.

That ginger clincher

Ginger is another food filled with immune-boosting benefits, that many people often turn to after getting sick or catching a cold.  

It contains gingerol, a phenolic anti-inflammatory compound, that can naturally help to relax blood vessels and thin the blood – as well as helping with all manner of inflammatory illnesses, like the common sore throat.

Ginger can aid in lowering cholesterol, decreasing nausea, and also has the potential to help reduce chronic pain. With strong antibacterial properties, it’s a food that’s perfectly suited to strengthen your immune system, and soothe an upset stomach.

A pinch of cathartic garlic

The potent member of the onion family, garlic, contains numerous immune boosting compounds that have antiviral properties, including allicin – an active ingredient that helps with fighting bacteria and infection.    

Research has shown that garlic consumption greatly reduces the chances of catching a cold, and naturally helps with lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure. Making it a top dietary choice during the cold and flu season.

Some broccoli betterment

Broccoli is not only a delicious vegetable that goes with a wide variety of dishes, it’s also one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat.

The vegetable is crammed with rich minerals, and an abundance of vitamins to aid your immune system – including vitamins A, C, E and K. By eating broccoli completely fresh or cooking it as little as possible, you’ll have access to all the powerful nutrients it holds.

The compound sulforaphane is heavily present in broccoli, which can help the body generate antioxidants and fight harmful free radicals. It’s also a great source of potassium, magnesium and folic acid.

Those yoghurt yearnings

Yoghurts are a fantastic food source to stimulate your immune system and help fight disease. Especially greek yogurt, or others that are labelled with the “live and active cultures.”

This label denotes yogurts that contain beneficial probiotics – essentially healthy bacteria that help to keep your gut and intestinal tract free of other harmful germs, which could cause disease or illness.

Certain yogurts can greatly increase the production of white blood cells, and can also be a strong source of vitamin D – all of which will help regulate your immune system and boost your body’s natural defenses.