Tips to Get Your Keto Diet Plans off to a Great Start

So, perhaps you’ve felt inspired to take on the weight loss inducing diet plan that is keto. It’s a popular option these days and there’s no doubt that having a custom meal plan of any kind can do wonders for improving your health, fitness and general wellbeing.

Whether you’re considering taking advantage of a prepared keto meal delivery service, which can be delivered to your door, or you fancy getting back into the kitchen yourself to cook up some healthy low carb, high fat meals – we’ve put together some important tips to get your keto diet plans off to a great start.

Start practicing intermittent fasting

The keto diet is all about reducing carbs and this in turn will reduce your calories. In order to prepare your body for this weight loss diet plan, it’s a good idea to try intermittent fasting before you decide to go full keto. It’s beneficial to start going low-carb for at least a few days before beginning the full diet plan in order to avoid a potential hypoglycemic episode.

Start small and gradually increasing the time between your first and last meal of the day and vise-versa. For a fasting beginner, skipping breakfast in the morning is a great way to kick off your body’s burning of any stored glucose.

Practice consuming more fats, while limiting everything else, and once your body starts to adapt to the change, you’ll find it easier to maintain ketosis. Remember to stay hydrated when practicing intermittent fasting, by drinking not only water but herbal teas and organic coffees. These can help boost ketone production and stabilize blood sugar more effectively.

Be wary of your stress levels

Controlling your stress levels is easier said than done, but when your planning on starting a low carb high fat diet plan in order to enter a ketosis state, suffering from chronic stress will severely hinder your body’s progress.

High levels of stress will elevate your blood sugar levels and with too much sugar in your blood, your body won’t be able to burn fats for energy as efficiently. Unfortunately we all go through periods of high stress in our lives, and starting a keto diet plan when you’re feeling constantly stressed isn’t advisable.

If you’re eager to start seeing the health and weight loss benefits from a keto diet then it’s essential that you take the steps to minimise your stress levels. Make sure to get enough sleep, start exercising more regularly, and make time to do things that you enjoy. You could even try lifestyle techniques to help keep your body and mind calm and centred, such as meditation or yoga.

Change up your eating environment

We are all faced with a daily food environment that constantly bombards us with endless unhealthy options, from processed meals to calorie laden treats. These tempting sights and smells are always in abundance. This causes our brains to get triggered and motivated to consume the easiest calorie dense foods around, such as pizza, cakes, and fries etc.

When you start a keto diet plan for weight loss or for other general health and wellness reasons, you’ll still be faced with these same daily temptations. Thankfully there are a few things you can change with your eating environment, to make sticking to your new keto diet easier, such as:

  • Sticking to keto foods – Hunger sometimes motivates you to cheat on your diet, so plan ahead. Stop stocking up on carb-rich foods and focus on meals that require some time and preparation, in order to avoid the temptation to overeat.


  • Follow a custom meal plan timetable – With a custom meal plan to stick to you’ll be far less tempted to succumb to other food temptations. Plan meals ahead of time, so that you know exactly when you’re getting the fats, carbs, and proteins you need.


  • Keep track of what you’re eating – Be careful when adding extra ingredients that you don’t measure to your meals. Remember to stick to your macronutrient goals, otherwise you may gain any lossed weight back.


  • Steer clear of convenience – Any foods that are convenient and tasty are all too easy to binge on, so take steps to make consuming these food much harder for yourself. Only ever buy small amounts so that you don’t have lots of it in the house.


By paying attention to your eating environment, putting strategies in place to reduce your stress levels, and practicing intermittent fasting to get your body used to gradually cutting those carbs, you’ll eventually make the keto diet a part of your healthy new lifestyle. You’ll start finding it much easier to stick to the custom meal plan that helps you lose weight, get fitter, feel stronger and happier.

If keto isn’t for you, don’t be dismayed

Never feel disheartened if the keto diet plan isn’t for you, as many people will find that they struggle with sticking to the food routine, regardless of their health status. This is why it’s always best to experiment with a rich variety of foods and different macronutrient ratios, until you find a sustainable healthy food plan that works best for you.

The keto diet can be an ideal option for those looking to give their health and wellness lifestyle a boost, but other options, such as the Mediterranean diet or a paleo diet may work better for some. Don’t just get tunnel vision when it comes to weight loss, focus on creating a custom meal plan and healthy lifestyle that you can stick to and enjoy.

Keto meal delivery can help

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re trying to stick to a custom meal plan and get all your healthy meal prep done for the week, while you struggle with an often busy hectic schedule. This is why you can always take advantage of a keto meal delivery service to alleviate even more stress when trying to stick to your keto diet.

A prepared meal delivery service can do the work for you. You’ll be able to access the low carb, high fat, nutrient rich and health boosting meals you need, and have them delivered to your door.

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