Three popular ways to do a low carb diet?

Low carb diets have been hugely popular for years and although they have been seen as controversial in the past, many people still opt for low carb meal prep to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

These types of diets can actually be more effective for losing weight in the short term than low-fat diets. They can also help to improve other aspects of your health, such as maintaining good cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

Here are three of the most popular diets out there to help inspire your low carb meal prep plans…

The typical low carb plan

The typical diet that focuses on low-carbs doesn’t really have a fixed definition – it simply involves following a meal plan that’s of course lower on carbs but higher in protein. Those that follow this typical diet will forgo their intake of grains, potatoes, sugary drinks, and other high-carb food options. And instead opt for mre meals centred around meats, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats.

The exact carb intake people tend to stick to tends to vary, depending on what goals they’re trying to achieve and their meal preferences in general. However, if you’re going for a typical low carb diet, then the following can be a common rubric:

  • 100 to 150 grams – usually those that aim for this amount of carbs are aiming for weight maintenance or frequent high-intensity exercise. This amount also allows you to get in plenty of fruit and starchy foods such as potatoes
  • 50 to 100 grams – those that stick to this range are usually aiming for slow & steady weight loss or maintenance. While leaving some room for fruit and vegetables. 
  • Under 50 grams – people that go for this are generally aiming for faster weight loss. If you’re going for this, then it’s advisable to consume plenty of vegetables but limit your fruit intake to something like berries, which are low on the glycemic index.

The keto diet plan

The keto or ketogenic plan is an extremely low carb diet, which is high in fat intake. The main goal of this type of plan is to keep your carb intake as low as you can, so that your body enters a metabolic state known as ketosis.

Once you enter this state, your body’s insulin levels will drop rapidly and you’ll then release large amounts of fatty acids from your fat stores. A lot of these acids are then transferred to your liver, which turns them into water-soluble molecules known as ketones, which can supply energy to your brain. As opposed to relying on carbs, when you’re on this diet for a while, your body starts relying largely on ketones. 

It’s a very popular method for many people looking to achieve fat loss results, as it tends to cause a major reduction in appetite. When on this diet, you’ll generally limit your carbs to less than 50 grams, or even as little as 20 to 30 grams per day.

The paleo low carb plan

This diet is still one of the world’s most popular ways of eating. As the name suggests it involves consuming foods that were likely available in the Paleolithic era. As proponents of the diet support the idea of returning to the eating habits of your prehistoric ancestors to improve your health.

Many opt for a paleo diet in order to help with weight loss goals, reduce blood sugars and reduce the risk of heart disease. This diet focuses on meats, fish, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, tubers, nuts, and seeds. It also tends to forgo any processed foods, added sugar, grains, legumes, and dairy products. 

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