The Breakfast Evolution

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and is generally an essential part of most people’s daily dietary routine. It’s simple to prepare, reliable, tasty and should get you ready to face the day.    

Recently though, Breakfast is booming and has almost become a trend in itself, thanks to a sharp rise in consumption and a shift from what we all associate as traditional breakfast foods. Typical cereal and toast combinations are starting to get replaced by a much more diverse range of dishes, and the idea of the all-day breakfast is all the range.

From the top trending dishes to the changing restaurant menus, we’re taking a look at the evolution of Breakfast…

The new breed of breakfast foods

There’s been a variety of new dishes introduced to overturn the typical first meal of the day over the last year or so…

Have a go avocado

Starting with arguably the most popular breakfast trend currently, avocado toast – which has topped the breakfast Instagram posts for the past 12 months. The open sandwich like meal is ofcourse mashed up avocado on toast, but is often creatively jazzed up with many other ingredients, from poached eggs and salmon, to feta, garlic and strawberries.

Power of the pancake

Protein pancakes have also been thoroughly embraced by many breakfast devotees – with stacks of them being devoured during morning meal-times. No longer guilty indulgences that are crammed with carbohydrates, these pancakes are packed with protein and have become a far healthier option. Mixing them up with the likes of Greek yogurt, blueberries, almond flour and more, further adds to their nutritional value.

Oats so easy

Eating oats is another popular option, more specifically overnight oats that have been prepared in advance the night before. Essentially the prep consists of oats, soaked in a liquid such as milk to make a sort of porridge, which is then left overnight, with no additional work involved. Resulting in an ideal healthy grab-and-go breakfast that can be topped up with fruits.

Fantastic frittata  

Frittatas have made a surprising resurgence onto breakfast tables – keeping the essential breakfast egg on top in some form or another. The creative egg-based dish shares similarities with a standard omelette or quiche, but with added cheeses, meats, and herbs. They have proven very popular hot or cold, and seem to be withstanding the changing times well.

It’s tough to tell if any of these new food trends will mold into full-on breakfast mainstays, but they’re all certainly as popular as ever at the moment.

Breakfast becomes all-day dining

It’s not just the alternate foods that are evolving Breakfast as we know it, but people’s eating habits are also changing how we view this first meal of the day.

Although many households are no doubt already familiar with the idea of an afternoon breakfast, the growing trend of the all-day breakfast has now become more popular than ever. Many food outlets and restaurants are now recognising this trend, and are making steps to adapt to these shifting tastes.

More of them are offering extensive breakfast-inspired menus, and increasing the length of time they serve them. All day brunches, along with both traditional and innovative artisan Breakfast food options, are now readily available anytime in many eateries.

Allowing customers to enjoy these foods at whatever time they choose is proving beneficial, especially as more and more people are tending to work flexible hours, or even remotely from home.