Super Powders Set To Be A Supreme Food Trend In 2018

The constant consumer shift towards increasingly healthier lifestyles is certainly continuing in 2018, and with it a whole host of food trends – including the rise of the super powders.

These extraordinary edible powders have slowly become one of the front runners in the health food industry – containing a nutrient rich mix of proteins and energy, along with other wellness benefits. They can be easily added to other healthy food options, from smoothies to sprinkling them onto a fiber boosting breakfast.

Super powders come in variety of choices and there are certainly some standout options amongst the range. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular powder picks that are big on benefits…



Cultivated from the ancient Peruvian root, Maca – this powder boasts energy boosting qualities, and helps with hormonal balance.

The crop itself has been consumed in Peru for centuries, as a health tonic and fertility aid. And whilst conclusive evidence of certain benefits is scarce when it comes to the maca powder, it has certainly proven to contain a rich range of vitamins and nutrients. It’s also been linked to reducing blood pressure.



A very popular powder, Turmeric is probably familiar with many who have a fondness for spices. The root itself is extensively cultivated in the tropics and has a colour very similar to ginger, with a deep, golden-orange.

It’s largely a main ingredient in curry powder, and is widely used for its therapeutic properties in traditional Eastern cultures. Benefits are said to include detoxifying, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory qualities.



Much like cocoa powder, which is more associated with chocolate, cacao powder is also derived from the cacao bean. But unlike the former, which is prepared by milling the cacao bean at extreme temperatures – cacao powder is created by milling the cacao bean at lower temperatures, therefore better protecting the flavour and nutrients.  

Cacao powder can easily replace cocoa in people’s daily diets due to its pleasant chocolatey taste. And the powder is said to contain an abundance of antioxidant qualities, along with natural stimulants like arginine and anandamide – to keep the body and mind fighting fit.



This natural nutrient rich blue-green algae is made up of high amounts of protein and contains many essential amino acids, along with an abundance of iron.

Spirulina powder is easily stirred into smoothies and health drinks, and also provides a strong source of vitamin B12, calcium and magnesium. The fact that it’s actually a cyanobacteria, means like plants, it contains copious amounts of Chlorophyll – and when harvested correctly it’s one of the most potent good health sources out there. The powder is said to be ideal anytime the immune system needs a boost.



Matcha powder has also been praised for its numerous nutritional benefits – the finely ground powder is derived from green tea leaves, and is said to help boost fibre and vitamin intake, as well as aid metabolism.

The powder is mostly consumed as a tea but is now frequently sprinkled on various other food dishes and health drinks. It contains a fairly significant amount of L-theanine, which can greatly improve feelings of well being, calmness and relaxation, as well as ease tension.