Our Tips to Help You Have a Healthy And Indulgent Christmas

Christmas is coming, in fact it’s right around the corner. You can almost smell the mince pies, roasting chestnuts, Prosecco and the endless boxes of chocolates. The festive season is truly a time to indulge yourself, however it can also be far too tempting to overindulge. This magical time of year can unfortunately be the most glutinous, and booze-filled if you’re not careful.

But there’s no need to lose your Christmas cheer! Because there are plenty of ways you can still enjoy all the festivities without sacrificing your health, or paying for it in the new year…

Don’t forget the fruit

Let’s face it, it’s all too easy to forego fruit over the Christmas period, as most of us just eat the stocking satsuma and that’s it. However, as we inevitably gorge on treats both savoury and sweet, it’s more important than ever to help your body get the vitamins and minerals it needs during the festive season. Include plenty of fruit and veg on your Christmas shopping list , and check that your still getting your recommended daily portions every day. Okay mulled wine doesn’t count as one! But you can still enjoy that and everything else alongside your fruit and veg.

Sneak in some healthier snacks

Of course your kitchen will be jam packed with sweets and treats and fatty meats over Christmas, because indulgences are okay this time of year, as long as you include some tasty healthier snacks too. There’s plenty of festive options out there to satisfy your tastebuds without being unhealthy, such as turkey roll ups, fruit platters and healthy dips. Snacks like these will keep your hunger at bay and your body in shape.

Get your exercise in early

During the festive season, your time can get more and more strained, between preparing the food and shopping for all the gifts. So, it’s a good idea to get any exercise and training done early in the day. Your body will already be fuelled from the indulgences of the evening before, so before you know it your blood will be pumping and your muscles will be feeling the benefit of getting up and getting out first thing. You don’t have to do anything too rigorous, even a brisk walk before you eat can make a huge difference to maintaining your fitness over Christmas.

Balance out your in-between days

Christmas day can be enjoyed to the max guilt free if you plan out your day in between Christmas and New Year better, in terms of what you’re eating. Be stricter with your calorie intake, or even just return to your normal pattern of eating for a few days, without the excessive snacks and alcohol. Even if you indulge a little too much on one of the days, just use your early exercise routine the next morning to burn off those excess calories.

Go easy on the alcohol

Yes, we know that the festive season is a time to celebrate and of course enjoy a drink. However, if you’re not careful, after some Bucks Fizz with breakfast and mulled wine in the evening, those units can soon add up. So, by all means indulge yourself, but try to keep tabs on how much you’re drinking. Mix things up with some soft drinks or swap the odd gin and tonic for some sparkling water and lemon to make sure your body can keep up with the pace.

Stop stressing the little things

Staying healthy over Christmas isn’t just about your physical wellbeing, it’s about nurturing your mental health too. It can be quite a stressful time of year for us all, as we constantly worry about overspending, cooking, cleaning and keeping on top of the Christmas list. Before long it feels like anything but the season to be jolly. However, it’s important to be mindful and to not blow things out of proportion.

So what if the sprouts are slightly overdone? Or some of the stuffing got burnt? It’s important to remember that Christmas, despite all the crazy build up, is just one day out of the whole year, and it isn’t worth straining your brain over. Also, the more relaxed you are mentally, the more you’ll be able to better control your festive indulgences, instead of succumbing to overindulgence.

Make room for meals instead of snacks

Healthy meal prep is hugely beneficial at any time of year, but at Christmas it can really come in handy when you’re trying not to overindulge. By getting your meal prep plans together before hand, you can make sure that you’ve got plenty of nourishing and tasty food to hand when the cravings kick in. You’ll feel less tempted to continually graze on junk foods during the festivities and you’ll be giving your body all the proteins, nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to come through

Christmas fighting fit

Remember, to start implementing these meaningful changes before Christmas day, so that you can approach 1st January in a much better place, physically and mentally. You can still treat yourself to that mince pie and scoff that Christmas pudding, as long as you put in the work now with your exercise and meal prep. By doing so, you’ll get to indulge yourself this Christmas without any guilt.

Come through Christmas as healthy as ever with our delicious meal prep plans delivered to your door!