How to Keep Your Healthy Eating Promises For 2021

The new year is well underway, it’s halfway through January and you’ve probably already started back at work. Of course with a brand new year comes the new me mantra, and you’ve likely already made yourself some resolutions about being healthier and eating better.

Unfortunately, most New Year’s resolutions end up not quite working out by about the second week of February, and a large portion of these fall within the healthy eating category. So, if you’ve vowed to to finally stick things out this time and you want to keep your healthy eating habits in check, we’ve got some top tips to help you keep your promises.

Be realistic about your goals

When you make yourself new year promises about eating healthier you need to first assess what goals are realistic in your lifestyle. For example, if you already smash the gym on a regular basis every single week, then setting yourself a new goal of hitting the gym 5 times each week will likely not be that hard to achieve. However, going from no workouts at all to attempting 5 full on sessions every week will probably result in you crashing out early.

Instead, you should set yourself the task of making subtle changes that are more obtainable and doable within your current lifestyle. One great small change you could aim for is to avoid eating late in the evening, as this can be a bad habit that leads to rapid weight gain. Many people take in a lot more calories later on in the day, mainly late afternoon and evening. However, our bodies actually need energy the most during the day, usually from when we wake up until around five o’clock.

Talking to a registered dietitian can help, as they can help you to figure out why changes you’ve tried to make in the past haven’t quite worked. They will be able to help you workout where the problem is and offer solutions that really work for you. There’s also food-tracking apps you can use to help you keep track of exactly what you’re eating and when. You can also opt for meal prep or a meal prep delivery service that can bring you a set amount of healthy, nutritious meals per week. Leaving you with all the good food you need without the stress of always knowing what ingredients to buy and cook every week.

Start thinking more long-term

Any temporary actions you take won’t usually lead to long-term, permanent results. Many often associate dieting as a temporary thing that will have an expirations date at some point. So it’s better psychologically to refer to changes you’re making as a habit or lifestyle change instead, as this will encourage you to start thinking more long-term.

Following the latest dieting fad or trend can sometimes help you to lose weight fast, but you’ll likely regain it just as quickly as soon as you fall back into old habits. When you’re working and on the go during the week, it’s all too easy to resort to fast food for convenience. This is why pre-planning your meals for the week to come, can really help to change your healthy eating habits in the long run. 

Yes true, planning takes time as well, but it takes little time when compared to the amount of time that you’re wasting standing on line for fast food, or waiting for yet another takeaway order to arrive. Meal prep can actually work wonders for freeing time up for yourself during the week.  Not only can you ensure you have your healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared each day but you can use the extra time in the week to get more workouts and activities that improve your wellbeing. 

Give yourself enough time

It’s easy to get into the mindset of thinking you’re not seeing results quick enough or that you’re not progressing at a fast enough pace. This way of thinking leads to many people giving up because they feel as though they’re not seeing enough results for the time they’re putting in.

This way of thinking can be so detrimental to you being able to keep your healthy eating promises, so instead give yourself a different promise. Instead of telling yourself that you’re going to change your eating and immediately start losing weight, make a promise to simply set yourself small but smart goals. 

Work over a couple of months to slowly start eating better and plan out a food diary so that you can keep track of things. Don’t make time your goal, you don’t have to rush anything, as achieving small but steady goals will eventually result in big changes anyway. Go slow and keep your mind and body positive and safe. 
If you’re still struggling to meal prep during your hectic week, that’s what we’re here for. We can take care of your delicious dishes for you, by delivering your meals and snacks straight to your door – check out our meal plans here.