Have You Heard Of The “Meal Prep Queen?”

Talk about some serious meal prep inspiration – busy, mother-of-two, Kaitie Purssell is able to regularly prep 50 meals and snacks, and has become famous for being one of the most skilled meal preppers around!

The mother from Lake Macquarie, in New South Wales, has been dubbed the ‘Meal Prep Queen’ – and last year, through her bulk cooking sessions, she managed to make up to 51 winter warming meals in one go.

Helps her save time, and shed weight

She recently shared her top prepping tips, after declaring that her meal plan has not only helped her free up more time to spend with her family, but it’s also helped her to shed 21 kilograms.

Weight loss has been a huge beneficial side effect of her meal plan, and Ms Purssell makes sure that all her meals are always made with tasty, fresh seasonal produce.

She frequently shops online as well, to stop herself getting distracted and buying unnecessary items. Buying in bulk allows her to make her meal plans every week without hassle.

Meal prepping like a pro

Ms Purssell makes sure to cut up all her vegetables beforehand, to save as much time as possible, and she ensures each of her recipes are low in calories.

Her plans have previously included – 5 servings of beef san choy bow, 8 hazelnut and sultana chocolate snacks and 14 weetbix balls. Along with 20 bliss balls and 4 black pepper and capsicum dips, complete with veggie sticks.

Some of the meals and snacks are then frozen, ready to be eaten whenever needed throughout the month. Her winter meals also managed to wow thousands online, from slow cooked ragu and sweet potato curry, to an abundance of spaghetti bolognese servings and much more.

As well as urging everyone to try meal prepping to make life easier, she also mentioned that freshly prepared meals helped to cut out a lot of sugars and other unwanted elements in her meals.

The ‘Meal Prep Queen’ said “I love having meal prep ready to go, as it makes my life so much easier. Less dishes, more time with the kids and more time for me to squeeze in my exercises.”

We offer the perfect meal prep solution

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