5 Unique Wellness Practices From Around The Globe

Many cultures offer paths to wellness and relaxation, all with the goal of giving your overall good health a boost. They all tend to have their own unique wellness customs, and we have put together a list of 5 particularly interesting cultural practices that are all about promoting wellness…

Sweden – Fika

Let’s start with the Swedes shall we. In Sweden, Fika, meaning “to have coffee”, is a practically mandated social institution. It involves setting aside some time during the working day to take a long leisurely coffee break, whilst enjoying some cake, pastries or even a pie.

Everyone in Sweden stops their busy schedules to relax for fika, from friends and family to work colleagues. This wonderful wellness tradition is ingrained into the culture of the country, so much so that it’s sometimes impolite not to join others for this special Swedish coffee break.

Iceland – Hot Springs

Iceland has more geothermal areas than any other country, and residents have being making full use of the wonderfully natural warm pools for many years. Many Icelanders take the chance to escape the colder temperatures by spending time soaking up the hot spring goodness.

These numerous popular and hidden hot springs that are littered throughout the country also seem to provide key social outlets, which have become intrinsically linked to overall Icelandic wellness.

Argentina & Uruguay – Mate

There’s a traditional caffeine-rich infused drink that’s become particularly popular in Argentina and Uruguay. It’s called mate and you’ll find many locals drinking it whilst out and about. It’s made from the dried yerba leaf and consumed from a traditional calabash container using a metal straw.

It was first drank by the indigenous Guaraní people and according to their legend, an elderly man once saved the visiting Goddesses of the Moon and the Cloud from a yaguareté (jaguar). As a reward the Goddesses gave him a special plant, which would allow him to make the “drink of friendship.”

North America – Sage Smudging

An old Native American practice that was used to purify the air and cleanse the spirit, sage smudging is still used today, particularly in parts of North America. People will often burn dried white ceremonial sage when moving into a new house or apartment.

It’s generally done to clear any negative lingering energy from an old space, in order to prepare it for something new. This cleansing ritual is said to directly change the composition of the air and help to reduce stress in people.

China – Tai chi

An ancient internal Chinese martial art that requires balance of movement, control of breathing, muscle fluidity, and meditative concentration. Tai chi is all about slow and focused movements in between a series of standing poses.

It’s widely practiced for defense training and is also used as an exercise to treat or prevent many health problems. The traditional low-impact mind and body practice is said to help improve flexibility, muscle strength and mindfulness.

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